Internet Marketing: Should You Use Your Picture?

marketing3Question: What do Michel Fortin, Rosalind Gardner, Marlon Sanders, Lynn Terry, Joel Comm, Lee Odden, Jill Whalen, Perry Marshall, Dr. Ralph Wilson and Shelley Lowery all have in common besides being highly successful Internet marketers?

Answer: They don’t hide behind an icon, avatar or logo. We know what they look like.

Make no mistake, there is great power in using your picture. When people can see what you look like, they feel as if they know you.

Over time, they begin to bond with you and trust you. In essence, you become their friend. And once friendship and trust are established, people will buy whatever it is you’re offering over and over and over again.

Why? Because psychologically, human beings have an innate need to connect with other human beings emotionally. Using your picture on your website and in your marketing makes an emotional connection that much easier.

The corporate world has known the importance of connecting emotionally with their customers for many decades. Need proof? Look no further than the classic tv commercials featuring Lee Iacocca (Chrysler), Dave Thomas (Wendy’s) and the adorable Rodney Allen Rippy (Jack in the Box)…three of the most popular characters in television history.

But if marketers don’t use their picture, doesn’t it give the impression that they’re hiding something?

It could. But sometimes there are perfectly legitimate reasons why marketers don’t use their picture. For example, a long-time client of mine is hiding from her ex-husband who was physically abusive to her and her children.

Also, some marketers are ashamed of their appearance. They may have a bad case of acne, a badly burned face, a prominent scar or birthmark, or some other physical malady that they’re embarrassed about.

There may be perfectly legitimate reasons why someone chooses not to use his or her picture.

So should you use your picture on your website and in your marketing?

Obviously, that’s a personal choice. However, in addition to the trust factor, studies show using your picture also increases conversions.

Ultimately, whether or not you should use your picture, depends on what you are trying to accomplish. If you are trying to build your personal brand, as well as establish credibility and trust, then yes, you should definitely use your picture.

But all of the positives notwithstanding, using your picture certainly isn’t a prerequisite for success. After all, there are many successful businesses whose owners operate anonymously or in the shadows.

Like I said, it’s a personal choice.

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