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February 28, 2011

To Write Great Messages To Your Email Marketing Lists – An SPN Exclusive Article

After undertaking consistent work to increase the size of your email marketing lists through the various methods to attract targeted traffic to your website and blog, you will be letting yourself down if you did not then take advantage of this group of people who have expressed an interest in you. By utilizing proven email marketing strategies, you can reap rewards from sending messages to your list.

The first thing you have to decide upon is the use of autoresponder messages and broadcasts. In respect of autoresponder messages, these can be sequential and are timed to be sent whenever you want. The important point to note is that they should be evergreen in their nature. That is, the information provided should not be topical as once you have written them and they are part of a sequence, whether the recipient receives it today or signs up to your email list in two years time and receives it, the message will still be of interest and use to them. A broadcast can be sent at any time and is a message containing current information. This can take the form of a weekly newsletter or tip of the week.

So what should these email messages contain? There should be a mix of information and sales. The person who receives messages that help, inform and enable them to progress will be far more valued than every message that just sells. Remember, you want to build a relationship with the members of your opt in email list so they put you in a position of trust. And when you have succeeded in that, when a recommendation is made by you for a product or service, they will be far more inclined to take action than if it came from a faceless marketer who constantly offered something that can be bought.

Even though some of your messages may not contain a direct sales message, that does not mean you cannot sell. In this instance, and this strategy should be adopted in the first tranche of email messages that you send out to new list members, rather than selling a product or service you can sell yourself. You can show that you are the expert, the authority figure, the go to person by providing for free very useful and valuable information. You can provide free resources to compliment what you are talking about within a particular message. By adopting this strategy, the person who is on your opt in email list will be buying into you first and foremost.

It is a very clever and rewarding strategy, in fact, to delay profits in this way by building the relationship you have with your list members. In practical terms, you can undertake what can be referred to as the soap opera system. This is where, just like a soap opera on television, you provide information in sequential parts and ending each email on a cliff hanger as such. The reader of the email will want to know what information will be revealed in the next email and will thus be on the lookout for it. This has the effect of increasing your open rates hugely.

In these sequential messages, you need to cleverly weave into each message a hook to enforce the message that something valuable and of interest to them will be revealed in the next message. This can be a free resource or some information that will enable them to progress. These messages can build over a period of time into a recommendation for a product or service. The sequence can be a few messages or many, the exact number does not really matter. What does matter is that you have created trust, built a relationship with the list members and have now positioned yourself as a figure of authority, an expert in this niche subject.

Look at it this way. You yourself have signed up to an email list and have then been sent a sequence of emails which have provided you with information you have been seeking. There have also been free resources to help you and great tips provided. You now think this marketer knows their stuff, you feel a bond has been created and can trust them. You are very thankful for their effort and then a recommendation for a product is made. Not any recommendation but one made by this very marketer. The product is a natural fit and progression of what the email messages have been talking about. So what do you do? The answer to that is you will most likely at the least find out more about it and will be highly likely to buy it.

This method of creating and sending messages to your email marketing lists will undoubtedly bring much greater reward to you than sending out random messages with a constant buy now call. It may initially appear a better way to achieve sales by continually presenting products for sale, but by delaying the profits, building the relationship and creating trust through a soap opera sequence, your efforts of mailing to your email marketing lists will be rewarded.

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