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March 2, 2011

Struggling To Add Content To Your Social Media Accounts? Try Google Reader

You will find that virtually all Websites or Blogs will contain an RSS tab, all you need to do is click on the tab and save the RSS feed into your aggregator or Google reader. This now means that if any updates are added to the blog you will see these updates as well as any previous posts for that blog within your Google reader.

This means that you are able to consolidate any of your favorite Websites into one place, enabling you to be a lot more efficient with your surfing. This is due to the RSS aggregator (Google reader). You are able to do this to as many blogs or websites as you choose as long as they have the RSS feed tab.

How will this affect my Twitter and Facebook Account?

Social media for marketing can generate great results, but one of the main stumbling blocks that people come up against is especially in the early days is generating content for these accounts. Solution?

To combat this problem you need to search the internet for blogs that are of interest to you and your niche market. Just search in Google as you would normally and then press the blog tab down the left hand side of the screen. By doing this you will now get a list of blogs only.

You now need to search through these blogs and find the ones that are of interest and add them to your Google reader by clicking on the RSS feed tab. Ideally you will look for blogs which are updated on a regular basis. You should aim to load about 70 to 80 blogs into your Google reader, although not in one session, try and build it up over a period of time.

If you know the respected people within your niche it is always a good idea to use their blogs.

As new posts are made to these blogs that are in your Google reader you will receive updates. You are also able to see all these updates on one screen.

What does this mean?

Go through the blog posts, find a good and relevant article and by linking it share it on your Facebook or twitter accounts. With all this information in one place it makes it a lot easier to find content and relevant information for your social media campaign. The fact that you haven’t written the article yourself won’t matter. People will see you as someone who shares great information. It will also encourage interaction within your social media accounts.

If you wanted to take this a step further you could choose all the articles you wanted to share and then by used some free automated software you could determine exactly when during that week you wanted these articles to be published on your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Good Luck with your Social Media marketing Campaign

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