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March 2, 2011

What Software Do You Need to Build a Super Performance Minisite?

Creating your own high performance website is not that hard. Leaning the process might seem a little unfamiliar at first, but it’s really not difficult. If you are new to internet marketing one big question you may have is, “Which software do I need to create a mini sales sites?”

One thing that scares people away from creating their own internet minisite is that you need special software to create the web pages. This is called ‘web design software,’ ‘HTML editors’ or ‘web coding software.’ Just the names sound scary, right? But it’s not that bad really. So, where do you start?

The good news is that if you can use word processing software then you can use modern HTML editors. This modern software is neither hard to use, or difficult to learn. And while it’s true that some HTML software packages are expensive, the good news is that there are free or low cost alternatives!

Here are your choices if you want to build your own minisite, and are looking to get it on the net and selling for you.

1. Industry Standard Software.

The industry standard packages are Microsoft Expression Web (which used to be Frontpage) and Adobe Dreamweaver (formally Macromedia Dreamweaver). These two packages form the software base of the professional web development industry. Many professional web development businesses and educational establishments use these packages.

They are incredibly powerful and full featured programs, with price tags to match. They have extensive knowledge bases online as well as free tutorials and support forums.

So, if you are just starting out to construct your own minisites then something a little more modest would probably be the way to go at the beginning. You can always upgrade later when you are at least making some money online!

2. Middle of the road software.

There are a number of mid priced web development packages out there if you need the reassurance of a paid for product, without having to shell out hundreds at a time.

First up is Web Plus form the UK software developers Serif. This company regularly wins industry awards for their software, and they have good support manuals, technical help and user forums to sort out your problems. The package comes with paper manuals, software on disc and numerous templates.

Another mid priced package is CoffeeCup Visual Site Designer. Don’t confuse this with the other free package from the Coffeecup range – the HTML editor. The Visual Site Designer has a wysiwyg interface that generally lets you drag and drop various elements into your web pages. It also comes with 10 preformatted themes you can adapt, and there are others available to buy in the theme store.

3. Free or Low cost packages.

Some of the best low cost or free packages are Kompozer, HTML-Kit, and Amaya.

There are others, but these are some of the best and most popular. By using software like this you can easily learn all the skills you need to get your minisite up and running. Then when you are ready to upgrade your software to something better your money will be well spent.

Most of the free or low cost solutions have communities online that will help out the newcomer but don’t expect extensive free tutorials or huge support databases. The closest you will come to this is with Kompozer. This is because The Kompozer package is open source software with a big and enthusiastic following on line.

Whichever way you decide to come at developing your sales minisite you should never let the software question stop you. Whatever your experience and budget you will find a solution and with a bit of perseverance you can get your web empire up and running quicker and easier than you imagine.

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