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How to Know If You Are Ready for Your First Membership Site

How will you know when you are ready for your own membership site? This is an important question to answer as you get started online and build your business. I now have more than a dozen of these sites, but they are each set up in a slightly different way so that I can maximize my potential for increasing my income and reaching new prospects to show them who I am and what I do on the Internet that can help them to achieve their goals. You will want o take into consideration the type of niche you are working in, who you are trying to reach, and how your membership site will serve the purpose you are intending.

I believe that you can serve members no matter which niche you are working in, but you must take into account what they need and what they may be expecting from such a site.

For example, my niche is online marketing, which means that my people want to learn things such as how to drive traffic to their sites, list building, article writing and marketing, affiliate marketing, and more techniques and methods for increasing their revenue on the Internet. I have some smaller niches, such as dog training and real estate, where the goals of my prospects are very different.

Different people respond to what we have to offer within a membership site in very different ways. You may be offering audio and video recordings, or your market may prefer learning about the topic by reading articles, short reports, and white papers made available to them as PDF files. You can determine this in advance by seeing what others already working in your niche are offering, as well as by asking them directly, either inside of the member’s area or in a survey.

My people also prefer to have some live interaction with me on a weekly or monthly basis. I accomplish this by holding regular teleseminars and webinars trainings that each focus on a specific area I am teaching about. This allows them to attend live and get their questions answered on the spot, or to ask their questions in advance and hear the answers and discussion during the audio or webinar replay. Building this relationship is important to me and to them, so it is a win-win situation.

By now you can see that there are several models that may work well for your members. Do your research and then set up your own membership site.

And now I invite you to find out more about setting up your own membership site by visiting Membership Sites Passive Income to see how a WordPress plugin can turn your site into a membership site right away, allowing you to create multiple streams of passive online income on the Internet.

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  • When you have lot of follower on your website or your blog or even your product and service. Membership is good for you to keep in touch with them and give them more priority than non member. You may share the latest newsletter of blog to your member only. Some people make their the reader to join as member and get his e-book .

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