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March 9, 2011

Accountability – The Third Key Element Of Successful Internet Marketing

In my series on the key elements of successful internet marketing I’ve left accountability to last. This does not mean that it the least of the three – if anything, it is the most important. I’ve always found that to really achieve my best, whether it be in work, sport or internet marketing, I need to be accountable to somebody!

Accountability really means ‘to be responsible for your actions.’ We need somebody to hold us to account, to check how we’re doing, to step in and offer us praise and encouragement when needed.

A simple example of accountability is losing weight. The concept is easy – you eat less and / or exercise more. But sticking to a restricted calorie eating regime is very difficult; there are just too many distractions out there! However, if you’re a member of a slimming club then you are fully aware that every week you will be accountable to other members. They will be able to check on your progress, and they will know if you’ve been cheating.

The slimming club is a very powerful model of accountability, and one which can be extended to other areas of our lives. Internet marketing is no different, and I really feel that there is a gap in the market for ‘accountability mentors’. Starting out as an internet marketer is very challenging, and over 95% of those who start out on the internet journey never actually achieve their first sale.

There are many, many ‘gurus’ out there who want to take your money and sell you the next shiny system, but there are very few who will actually hold you by the hand and guide you through the various processes. I find this lack of guidance for newcomers enormously frustrating – many people would really benefit from somebody ‘looking over their shoulder’, offering tips and advice, and making corrections when necessary.

Early on in my internet marketing adventures I was fortunate enough to be taken under the wing of an ‘expert.’ This guy really knew his stuff, and he also knew how to mentor me. The weekly phone calls were eagerly anticipated, and I would always make sure that my homework was done.

My mentor would never accept any payment (how rare is that in internet marketing?) but just asked that I would write him a testimonial – how could I refuse? A little while later I checked his site and there were hundreds of absolutely glowing testimonials. The guy had touched the lives of many people in many different ways.

I recently checked his progress and it was wonderful to see that his website has been voted the number 1 internet marketing service online.

So the key word is ‘accountability’. If you’re really serious about progressing in the world of internet marketing then find somebody to mentor you. Visit the forums and discussion boards, ask questions, see who’s taking an interest in what you’re asking. Don’t be afraid to seek out a mentor – I’m sure that many marketers would be flattered to be considered worthy!

I was fortunate in that I received my support for free.

Expect to pay something for good support – in the end the benefits could be enormous!

Graham Bray is an enthusiastic internet marketer, and for nearly five years he has been developing websites as part of his Multiple Income Pathways. To learn more about internet marketing and how you can download a *free report* visit his blog at