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March 9, 2011

New Website from Zero to Hero in 6 Months for Generic Keywords (Google Top Ten) – 6 of 7

Hello Peeps!

As promised the next installment in Rik Pennington’s meteoric rise to the dizzy heights of Google Top Ten organic listings for the generic keyword ‘Wedding Photographer’. When I started this series of articles the focus was to convey SEO process, analysis and implementation using a varied arsenal of tools and techniques; detailing the journey from Zero to Hero. During this adventure the goal posts for me began to change and although I have achieved high rankings for Rik; in the back of my mind was the burning question – what if and can I actually get Rik to the very top of Google for this Keyword term? So not only have I detailed my process and tried to explore and present possible solutions, I have shared with you some of the external services offered by 3rd parties to help achieve these goals.

I have to admit there are limitations as to what I can achieve for I am a self-taught one-man band. I don’t physically mix with other SEOs but I do follow the ones I consider of importance and value to me on Twitter and I avidly follow their blogs. So when it came to the burning question “what if?” I had to look further afield to find the right solutions to my dilemma. I scoured the internet for SEO companies offering services that would complement my hard work and achievements to date.

And I found them, many of them. But which ones could be trusted? Were they reputable? Would they rip me off and take my cash and deliver very little? Questions, questions… and hard to find the right answers. So I got reading about different techniques to gain that extra boost I was looking for. You see, being on page one of Google is all well and good and an achievement to be proud of, but the real rewards are at the summit, right at the top. If you are looking for big traffic, high profile and a shed load of inquiries then you need to be in positions #No.1, #No.2, #No.3 on Google’s mountain. Those who reach the summit reap the rewards. Those who provide proven tools to get you to the summit are an invaluable resource to your SEO strategy. But that said, you need to know when to use them and critically at what point in the project cycle. These tools and companies are the true ‘Big Guns of SEO’ and I’m going to tell you all about one.

The data below is for you understand to value of Google Summit for click distribution:

• Position #1: 45.46% of all clicks
• Position #2: 15.69% of all clicks
• Position #3: 10.09% of all clicks
• Position #4: 5.49% of all clicks
• Position #5: 5.00% of all clicks
• Position #6: 3.94% of all clicks
• Position #7: 2.51% of all clicks
• Position #8: 2.94% of all clicks
• Position #9: 1.97% of all clicks
• Position #10: 2.71% of all clicks
• Total: 95.91% of all clicks occur on Page #1 of SERPs

Please keep in mind, that this is NOT an exact science. This is only a way of attempting to estimate the percentage of click volume you may receive based upon SERP position.

Note: This data has been correlated by Agent SEO (source data) and is a very useful guide, as is most of the information they provide online.

These are the sorts of places you should be looking for SEO information. I read a lot of posts online from supposed experts who are quite frankly churning out the same old stuff. Just spun with a different take on it and of little true value to you; the punters hungry to learn. Next week in the final installment of this story I will detail those I reckon you should be following if you want to be at the coal face of SEO and might even have a pop at those who are wasting your time, waxing lyrical about nothing of value! 🙂
Time to call in the professionals!

3 weeks ago I made the decision to bring out my biggest SEO Gun of all. This is the story of the impact that decision had on Rik Pennington’s SERP’s for the term ‘Wedding Photographer’. I had for some time been reading on the theories of ‘Link Wheels’ and how to employ them to your advantage. For those of you who have never come across this term, a ‘Link Wheel’ is a theory based on heating up a page for a particular search term by creating a wheel of back links form blog posts, press releases & web 2.0 sites all based on your specific keyword target. Basically they all interlink creating the wheel of links but each spoke in the wheel also points to target URL for target keyword. This in turn heats up the page in the eyes of Google and in theory your page climbs the ranking due to the new and powerful targeted influx of high value ‘Link Juice’. There are many firms offering this service but with all things in life; there are good and bad, there are transparent and cloudy approaches. I required a reputable firm with a transparent approach. I did my research, made a decision, reached out and made contact with Richard Saulsbury of SEOLinkWheelers, listened to what he proposed and then gave them the green light to GO! GO! GO!

My choice of company was a Florida based firm called and it turned out to be a very good choice indeed. SEOLinkWheelers gave me the confidence, reassurance and transparency in their process that I was looking for. On completion of the project I would be provided with a document of how my link wheel was created and more importantly where! I won’t be posting that information in this article but I can assure you it was completely transparent and very informative. 🙂

The history of Rik Pennington’s rankings – before and after the implementation of a project from – For the generic search term ‘Wedding Photographer’ Rik was bouncing around between #No.7 – #No.3 – For the generic search term ‘Wedding Photographer’ Rik was bouncing around between #No.16 – #No.12

On 12th of February 2011 – I received a polite email form one of SEOLinkWheelers employees Levi to inform me the project was about to commence and should be complete in roughly 7 days. Excellent news I thought but there was an air of trepidation when entering the unknown with a 3rd party. Rik’s Google destiny had always been under my control but now I had to put my trust and faith in somebody new to me. Late evening on Saturday 12th February I received an email again from Levi letting me know that the project cycle was complete and attached was an Excel spreadsheet detailing my new and shiny SEO Link Wheel as promised. Now it was time to see if it had really worked.

As you may know when links are built it can take time for links to discovered, correlated by Google’s clever algorithms and for the gains to filter through to the ranking pages. The clock was ticking and I could sense the anticipation. Rik and I were monitoring the situation closely and patiently waiting to see if there were any gains. Then we had a little wobble; which I now know to be called a ‘Google Dance’. There were some erratic fluctuations with our rankings across the board. Google had its knickers in a twist, how powerful is this website and more importantly where to rank it? When the sun rose on morning of 15th February, the dust had settled and Google seemed to have it knickers on the right way round. I was on the phone with Rik and we were laughing out loud with joy. Not only had SEOLinkWheelers delivered, they had delivered in a supreme fashion.

As of 15th February 2011 Rik Pennnington ranked as follows in Brittan and USA – For the generic search term ‘Wedding Photographer’ Rik is #No.2 and holding steady – For the generic search term ‘Wedding Photographer’ Rik is #No.2 but bouncing between #No.2 & #No.3

SEOLinkWheelers have helped us to make the gains and put us on what I refer to as ‘Google Summit’; in the top 3 positions on both sides of the Atlantic for the term ‘Wedding photographer’. This means big traffic, we are chuffed to bits with the gains and can only thank SEOLinkWheelers for their professionalism and project execution. In my opinion a very serious and proven contender delivering the results we all hunger. If you are serious about hiring a firm to boost your rankings and maybe conquer ‘Google’s Summit’ then SEOLinkWheelers should be on list. Money very well spent!

We have two weeks to go till the final installment of this story. Will we achieve the ultimate holy grail of #No.1 spot in the UK and maybe in the US? It’s a tall ask; let’s see when I next report in!

Oh and I almost forgot to mention our recent foray into SEO domination Down Under! Ahead of a planned trip to New Zealand next year, Rik wanted to know if it be worth having a punt a bit of New Zealand traffic and to create some awareness that one of London’s leading wedding photographers will be in the country for a month and available for hire! You really want to see what happened next, it amazed us both and it will amaze you if not make you a little envious. When you have true leverage and power, the worlds the limit when it comes to ranking for your desired keywords.

Next we plan to go Intergalactic! Well maybe, who knows? 🙂
Thanks for reading

Till next time peeps!

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The SEO Daddy is a very successful professional SEO Consultant. He runs an SEO Company in the UK. He covers every industry online and specializes in Wedding Business SEO. Follow the SEO Daddy on Twitter. This article covered the use of SeoLinkWheelers on Rik Pennington’s meteoric rise and sustaining his presence at to the top of Google for the generic term ‘Wedding Photographer’. Source data for this article from Agent SEO