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March 14, 2011

8 Social Media Mistakes – A SPN Exclusive Article

Incomplete profile
I cannot understand why many people leave their profiles incomplete. If you want to jump start a good business, you want your future clients to know you. It will not take you years to complete filling up your profile, so if you are serious with your business, completing your profile is one of the first things you should do.

Doing this includes uploading pictures and writing other relevant data. Your profile is your first selling point. Customers want to deal with real people and not with robots. A complete profile builds up your identity to your customers.

Bad Content
Bad content drives away potential customers. If you’re a businessman, you should stuff your social media account with fresh and good content only. Yes, you shouldn’t leave your account idle, but you shouldn’t fill it with a lot of nonsense or a lot of negative content either.

You should be careful not to post repetitive messages in your account, for these might annoy your followers. This can also be considered spamming. If you don’t want to have your account suspended or even deleted, you better not use spamming as part of your business strategy.

Not separating business and personal life

I have a friend who lost thousands of business opportunities because she turned her business account into a personal one. When people learned that she was beautiful, they became more concerned of her personal life than her beauty products. Her Twitter account turned out to be a “courtship” area, and people were just replying to her because they knew she was pretty. It was her fault, too, because she got flattered with the comments and she allowed the attention to affect her business.

Image consistency
Inconsistent branding and imaging will confuse your audience. Stick with your image and don’t shift tone every time you tweet or update.

Befriending irrelevant people or idle accounts

To be honest, adding idle accounts is just an extra baggage to your business. Track and organize your friends well. Some accounts are built just to spy on competitors and to steal ideas from them. Be vigilant against these, but don’t be paranoid. Practice wisdom in adding people.

Not standing by your word
Not being able to stand by your word drives away customers and potential customers. On the other hand, being consistent with your ideology and actions attracts people; it makes them see your sincerity and honesty. Trust me, you’ll win a lot of clients just by standing by your word.

Not backing up Social Media with SEO
This is the biggest mistake of all. If you’re doing business in Social Media sites, might as well back it up with an SEO. Social media is great for promotion, but SEO is perfect for your business strategies. Social media alone is not enough to boost your business promotion.

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