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March 14, 2011

Power Web Copywriting: Active Voice and Action Adverbs – A SPN Exclusive Article

On the Web, attention spans are short. Formatting is critical to getting people to finish reading your article, or watching all of your video.

Folks do not like to come across huge blocks of text which are not broken down into bits that are more manageable.

The same is true as far as the quality of the content. Why provide only a few bits of wisdom, when you can pack valuable information into every sentence?

People would much rather find many pearls of wisdom, than have to sift through page after page, only to find sparsely placed helpful content.

Power Web copy is high impact, hard hitting, engaging, as well as informative. It is full of action verbs and adverbs, not adjectives.

It does not use “hype”, or make impossible sounding claims. It takes what is being said, and slams it “out of the park” with crystal clear points that are highly illustrative.

The copywriting world has noticed this style of writing is most effective in getting visitors to take action.

It very often uses a “story-based” platform because people relate very well to stories.

It makes use of the “active voice” (where the noun performs the action) instead of the passive voice (where the action happens to the noun.)

This style of writing helps keep the reader engaged. The points use vivid, picturesque, wording that incites the reader’s imagination, and makes him want to read the next sentence.

This keeps the reader moving forward in the copy. Video scripts written in the same manner, avoid boring viewers.

There are way too many sales websites online (which are not making sales) that have yet to learn this strategy.

Take a good look at your e-commerce site – does it fall into this category?

You probably have a good product or service to sell, but if your copy suffers from not having this style of writing, then this is the reason, your site is not selling anything.

Look at some of the sites that are having brisk sales – do you notice the difference in the style of writing used?

There is a good reason those sites make use of the “active voice” style copywriting – it works, it is much more persuasive than the “passive voice” style copy.

It is amazing how presenting such a small change can make a huge difference in the response generated.

Get a professional to evaluate your sales page. He will tell you the same thing.

Copy that makes sales follows very specific guidelines, especially Web copy. Any copy that compels readers to take a desired action, or “convert” is copywriting.

Capture or squeeze pages are specifically crafted to compel visitors to enter their email address, or apply for further information such as a “white paper” or a “Case Study”.

Whatever the case may be, power Web copy can do wonders for your bottom line sales.

Sites not written to make sales directly from the page, should still use “power copy” to get the visitor to perform a desired action.

If you remember to incorporate this style of writing into your next sales page, or video script, you will see a huge difference in the response it generates.

Articles written in “active voice” tend to garner more readerships, more republishing, and more “likes.”

This results in getting the author much more exposure. Go ahead and make a “splash” when you enter the water, you just might provoke the perfect response from someone you need to meet.

If you begin an article marketing campaign aim high – try to get at least 20 to 25% (on average) of your submissions to be republished.

Some articles may get as high as 60% – others 12 – 15% but aim for an average of at least 24%.

Doing this will ensure not only a good following, but a good, responsive click through rate that will earn you money.

Besides, having nearly 25% of the articles you submit published may result in getting further exposure on high traffic sites and consequently more publishers running your articles. This could result in having thousands of readers eagerly looking at your content, and clicking your links. Does this sound good to your ears? I thought so.

Stephen Monday is a Professional Web Copywriter, Creative Writer, and Sales Writer for the Web. Get your free Sales Page evaluation here: