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March 18, 2011

Online Business – What Separates Success and Failure – A SPN Exclusive Article

Almost everybody, myself included, who steps into the world of making money online, does so with the wrong attitude. Because of this, most beginners are doomed from the outset.

The hype, mostly due to crafty copywriters, that exists out there makes it so that people view an online business as a quick and easy path to wealth.

Make $4500 a Week Starting Right Now Working Half an Hour a Week! Easy Guide To $250,000 a Year Guaranteed!

And so on.

It’s no wonder that after not seeing floods of money coming his or her way a few days into it, the beginner concludes that this doesn’t work, and goes on to do one of two things: quit, or look for the next internet marketing product that will get them there by next Thursday.

I fell prey to this myself. For months, I dabbled in PPC, PPV, SEO, media buying, article marketing, offline marketing, email marketing, Craigslist, blackhat marketing, you name it. I bought more internet marketing products than I care to admit. I was the quintessential jack of all trades and master of none.

I looked for magic, the one secret that was going to take me from zero to financial independence overnight. And it wasn’t until I refrained from jumping and stumbling from one online opportunity to another that I finally came to see results on a consistent basis.

I’m still working on growing my business (that never stops), but having altered the way I viewed making money online has not only led me to get my online business off the ground, but it also set it on a path to success.

In reality, an online business takes not only work and lots of it, it also takes persistence and most of all the right mindset. The good news is – applying this to your online venture will undoubtedly lead to success.

Forget the hype. Making an online business succeed takes a lot of work. Just come to peace with it now and you’ll be thankful you did later.

It boggled my mind. I would get up every day in the wee hours of the morning to go to work five days a week despite the fact that I hated doing so, yet when it came to working on something that in time would change my life as well as that of my loved ones, I found it hard to put in the effort – I should’ve had my head examined!

It turned out the work wasn’t hard; I just had to do it. All it took is setting aside a couple of hours every day to take a step towards achieving a goal.

The work involved isn’t hard for me and it’s not hard for anybody. Just pick a business model that you’d like to pursue, write down an action plan, a series of tasks to reach each of your goals, and execute that plan come heck or high water. That’s what it takes folks. That’s the magic.

A task doesn’t necessarily have to be completed in one day. Some tasks will need to be broken down into smaller steps and scheduled accordingly. Whatever you do, make sure that every day you’ve done some work, however big or small, to move your business forward.

Don’t Quit.

Unlike what most have been led to believe, most things you try to get your online business going will not work, but that doesn’t mean you failed. You learn from what doesn’t work and adjust your next step, and you keep adjusting until you find what does work. Thomas Edison said: “I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward.”

You only fail when you quit, because then you’ve cemented the fact that you’ll never reach your goal.

Keep at it. It may take you two months to see results, it may take you two years. That’s irrelevant; time is going by anyway.

Why not make it so that one day you wake up as the owner of a successful online business? A business that will give you the freedom and lifestyle that the overwhelming majority of people only experience in their dreams.

Easier said than done? Thousands upon thousands of people have achieved financial independence making money online. You’re not shooting for the impossible here. This is certainly possible and if others have done it why can’t you?

Go into it with the correct mindset. Understand that what you’re about to embark into is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. You will be required to learn new skills. You will be required to apply these skills. You will have to take action, otherwise nothing happens. As with anything worth doing, you will run into obstacles, and you will find a way to remove them. Embedding this in your mind from the get-go will help you keep plowing ahead – especially when things look insurmountable.

Learn to tune out doubt. This is not a sprint; it takes time before you see results. It also takes trial and error. This will cause you to start doubting what you’re doing. You start to think: this doesn’t work, I’m wasting my time, I don’t have the capability for this, and so on. It’s only natural for this to happen; it’s just how our brain works. What you need to do is just not listen, because if you do listen, then it will
eventually get to you and cause you to quit, and that’s when you fail. Hit the ‘doubt be gone’ button and keep going, finish what you set out to do in today’s two hour slot.

Everybody gets plagued by doubt every now and then, yes even the most successful among us. What separates those who make it from those who don’t is the way they react to it.

Anybody can make money online. I honestly believe this. Just don’t buy into the hype. Put in the necessary amount of work, show some persistence, and get your mind right.

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