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March 18, 2011

Top Back Link Tips for Your Online Marketing Strategy – A SPN Exclusive Article

It is essential that you take time to understand the effectiveness of correctly undertaken search engine optimization for your online marketing strategy as this will be the foundation on which you can attract a flood of targeted traffic to your website. As with everything, there are right and wrongs ways of doing this but if you are willing to take on the challenge, the results will be worth it.

Link building should form the basis for making your website popular in the eyes of the search engines. When other websites link to your website, the search engines take that as a vote for the relevancy, and more importantly, the quality of the content that it contains. But don’t be tempted to take shortcuts, using unethical means to increase the number of links back to your website too quickly. You could run the risk of being blacklisted by the search engines, thus wasting the time and effort that you put in to developing your online business.

Never forget that relevancy is very important when placing links. The value of a link is greatly enhanced if it is on a page containing content that is relevant to your website. When adding a link, always ensure you are placing it within the content of a page. A great example of this is a high ranking relevant forum within your niche. Make a comment on a thread or start a new one and ensure there is a link back to a specific page within your website where perhaps the reader can source further information. Note that the link should take the reader to more content and should not just be a link to a product.

Another simple SEO tip is to ensure that the link back to your website is from a site that is trusted, high ranking and complements your offering. So how do you do this? The wrong way is to ask “will you share a link with me?”. The answer will most likely be “no” but, if you offer original, exclusive and relevant content, then the other website owner may at least consider your request. Just remember, there is always a high demand for quality content from other website and blog owners and their sites can be a great source of targeted traffic for you.

Now here is a little comment about page rank. Why go to all the bother of undertaking this online business strategy if you are just wanting to get links from any website? The key point that you must focus on is to target websites that have a high page rank for particular keywords or keyword phrases. If you can get just one link pointing back from a high ranking website, then this will be far more valuable than having one hundred links back from a variety of websites that are of dubious value and quality. So the next time you see an offer to get thousands of links back to your website, ask yourself the question of where these links will be placed and what relevancy and value will
they bring to your website.

A fourth SEO tip for your online business strategy is the use of anchor text. This is where you pick a keyword from the content that you have written related to the content subject and create a hyperlink back to your website or blog that includes that keyword. This link should be identified by the color blue and, when clicked on, take the reader to the page on your website that contains more relevant content. From there you can inform and educate further and perhaps provide a solution to the visitor in the form of a product or service.

The anchor text that you use should always appear natural in that it should flow when being read. There is nothing worse than well written content being interrupted by wrongly placed anchor text that has been squeezed in and which detracts from the natural reading flow. One point to note is that you should avoid using the same anchor text again and again because the search engines could well penalize you. An article you have written can be very well optimized if it has, say, no more than two anchor texts that read naturally with two similar but not exact keywords or phrases being used.

The four SEO backlink tips noted above should give you a competitive edge over the vast majority of other website owners in your niche. It may take some time and effort to implement them, but the rewards will be recognizable in terms of increased targeted traffic and a higher page ranking for your website or blog. The search engines will recognize the relevancy of your site for the keywords and phrases that you choose and this will be backed up by the valuable links, or votes, that are pointing back to yor site from other high ranking and relevant websites.

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