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March 21, 2011

A Realistic Timescale For Would-be Internet Marketers

We live in an age of increasing instant gratification. We expect to get whatever we want, when we want it. We know that we can access the internet at any time of night and day and we can search for anything that interests us and satisfies our curiosity. Do we expect such instant success in our internet marketing?

I will readily admit that when I first started dabbling with an online business I expected the rewards to be easy.

I expected to put up a website, produce a good product, and then sit back and wait for the orders and profits to pour in. I’m sure that many people who attempted to set up a marketing site on the internet expected a similar outcome.

Why do we have this strange attitude towards internet marketing? Away from the online world, nobody would expect to start a business overnight and see a profit. A typical offline business plan would involve months of planning, a period of setting-up and attracting customers, potential losses for a period of time, and then eventually the profits would start to trickle in.

The problem primarily lies with the internet itself. We are constantly being tempted with online offers to create instant wealth. We are bombarded with stories of internet ‘gurus’ who generate profits of “$21,878 in 21 days!”. We are our own worst enemies because we believe all this hype, and we constantly search for the next get-rich-quick-scheme. The ‘gurus’ then get richer, and the myth of instant success perpetuates itself, but only for a very select few.

Time for a reality check. Developing a successful internet marketing business takes months, probably years. The ‘gurus’ will never tell you this, but here’s a more realistic timescale:

Pre-launch …………………… 1 – 4 months

Launch (stage 1) …………… 1 – 4 months

Stage 2 ………………………. 3 – 18 months

Stage 3 ………………………. 6 – 12 months

Stage 4 ………………………. ongoing

Based on this timescale, from initial idea to an established web business will take a minimum of 11-12 months, and more likely stretch into 2 – 3 years. If this information was made readily available to would-be internet marketers, I wonder how many would still embark upon their quest? Success rates for internet marketers are remarkably poor. Only about 5% of those who begin the journey actually sell a single product.

With a more enlightened attitude to internet marketing I am sure that this failure rate would be much lower, because only the realistic and dedicated few would actually have the gumption to start out in the first place. The rest would go elsewhere to find their instant ‘fix’.

There are many successful internet marketers, but when you dig beneath the surface you will always find that they have paid their dues. They have struggled for months or years to get a web presence. They have had product failures, and many times they will have felt like giving up.

So, how realistic are you? Are you expecting instant gratification, or will you pay your dues and expect to be in the internet marketing business for the long haul. If you want to be successful then don’t expect overnight success. Look to the long term, commit to your business, and dedicate your efforts to future profits.

Graham Bray is an enthusiastic internet marketer, and for nearly five years he has been developing websites as part of his Multiple Income Pathways. To learn more about internet marketing and how you can download a *free report* visit his blog at