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March 23, 2011

Internet Business Mindset – Do You Have a Dream or Are You a Dreamer? – A SPN Exclusive Article

With all the buzz about the latest Google algorithm change, dubbed the Google Farmer Algorithm by many, it is time to really take a serious look at the difference between having a dream and being a dreamer when it comes to creating success for your business online. Most of the content that has been the hardest hit is content created by dreamers. The difference between the two can be easily defined by your mindset.

The mindset of a person with a dream:

* You realize that having a dream is the same as having a goal.

* You can visualize yourself achieving your goals.

* You have taken the time to thoroughly research your market to ensure you will have a viable product or service that is in sufficient demand to generate enough profits to sustain your business and your needs.

* Along with your dream you have created an action plan that is structured, measurable and realistic with clear timelines that is designed to turn your dream into a reality one step at a time.

* You are passionate and focused on making every effort to push your business forward.

* You understand that in order to achieve success your efforts must equal the expected outcome. In other words, you know that you only get out of it what you put into it and you are prepared to work round the clock if necessary to make it happen.

* You realize that you must gather a team together to make up for your lack of knowledge or skills in certain areas or you must take the time to learn the technology and skills necessary for delivering your content and products to your market.

* You know that you must be able to provide your customers with quality and value in order to compete in your market.

* You are aware that it takes money to make money. While an internet based business may not carry the same costs as an offline business, there are still operating costs involved and you must be able to cover those fees until your business is paying for itself.

The mindset of a dreamer:

* You have a dream of what you wish your life could be like but deep down don’t really believe it is possible.

* You have unrealistically set a goal of $10,000 per month income (because the gurus tell you that is what you can make) but you have not created a structured road map to get yourself to that goal.

* You only have 4 hours per week to spend on your business but that is okay because you believe making money online is easy and takes almost no effort. You just need to find the right system or a guru who is willing to show you their secrets.

* You want to only use free services because you either do not have any money to invest in your business or you would rather spend your money elsewhere.

* You have bought every automated money making system available because you do not want to have to spend hours and hours working on building a solid business.

* You have, or want to have, hundreds of automated websites because the law of averages says that the more websites you have, the more your chances are of getting lucky and having one or two websites that will make you a few bucks.

* You don’t like to write content but that’s not a problem because you can get your website content by scraping other sites, spinning PLR articles or adding RSS feeds to your site so you never have to actually create original content yourself.

* You believe that every bit of help or service you need can be outsourced for $5 but you expect to get top notch service for that price!

* You have purchased every guru product under $47 but have not really put them to use because they involved too much time and effort to implement. You quickly demanded a refund because they did promise a 30 day money back guarantee, right?

Where do you see yourself in the above mindsets?

The Google Farmer algorithm was put in place to weed out the dreamers and to allow those with a dream to rise in the ranks. In my opinion it is a change for the better.

When I started marketing my first website 12 years ago, the goal was to become an authority within my market. I knew that if I could reach that status, the income would automatically follow. I knew this was not realistically going to happen overnight. I threw myself into building a solid online business. I worked my offline business 8 hours per day and then worked my online business 8 hours per day when I got home. My initial goal was to add $250 per week to my bottom line through online sales.

When it took only a few months to achieve that goal, I was in heaven! I pushed onward and within a year or so my online business surpassed my offline business. When the recession hit and my offline business saw a drastic reduction in sales, I was able to still prosper and grow because I had taken that time to really build a solid business online.

For those of you reading this article who really dream of building a solid business online, the best advice I can give you is to follow your dream. Learn what you need to learn, do the work you need to do, surround yourself with an experienced team and get advice from those you can trust who have achieved what you hope to achieve. (Not self-proclaimed gurus.)

For those who only want to make easy money online, I advise you to just go get a part-time job. You will save money by not buying anymore hyped up info-products and systems and at least you will be bringing in a few bucks.

Cathy Henry is a seasoned online business veteran with 12 years of online business success. She now focuses much of her time helping other business owners achieve online success.