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March 25, 2011

Why Is Viral Advertising So Powerful?

Viral advertising is the art of encouraging other Internet users to pass your adverts around the Internet free of charge. This is a very effective, very cheap and yet very fast manner of advertising. For instance, you could compose an ad, send it to 100 people who each send it to 100 (10,000 people in a couple of hours), who send it to 10 friends, who send it to 10 friends. That means 1,000,000 people can have read your advert in a day.

And it is free and takes minutes to do, although it will indubitably take longer to plan. So, how can you instigate viral advertising techniques into your advertising? The most common methods of attaining this are by promoting a web site using email and instant messaging.

Viral advertising is virtually free, not entirely free because you need an Internet connection and a computer, although you can do it from an online cafe anywhere in the world. Viral messages can be quite narrowly targeted. How can you accomplish this targeting?

Well, it is fairly simple actually because ‘birds of a feather flock together’. If you send your message about one of the latest games to 100 pensioners, it almost certainly will not reach 1,000 surfers, but if you sent the same message to 100 teenagers, you almost certainly will reach 1,000,000 fairly quickly.

This targeting combined with the ease of the click means that the response rate is fairly instant – so fast that the ad-message goes out in the morning and surfers are clicking an hour later, virtually as soon as they receive it. This is instant profits for hardly any outlay.

However, because viral advertising is so swift, your promotional material also has to be up to the minute too. For instance, if a game manufacturer is offering a 20% discount voucher off a game starting from the 15th, you need to be ready to send out your emails or instant messages as soon as the 15th breaks. You could try the 14th, but you run the risk of your message being deleted or forgotten about and by the 16th someone else will already have sent it out.

So, what form do these viral marketing messages take? I can tell you some of the most common forms, but actually, the best ones are imaginative, unusual, quirky and unique. You could pass around a decent joke or collection of jokes on a theme that matches the topic of your advert. Let’s say gamers or computers, to stick with our instance.

Years ago, there were some great examples taken from computer support centers doing the rounds. I bet someone earned thousands out of them. You might pass around photos of birds, if you are selling bird seed; racing cars if you are selling tires.

You could send out a personal recommendation, if enough surfers think that you know what you are talking about and at the bottom of every email that you send out is a link back to your sales page. These messages are usually forwarded en masse without editing, so your link goes around the planet on a tidal wave of viral advertising.

Owen Jones, the writer of this article, writes on a number of subjects, but is now involved with whether sitemaps give websites a boost. If you want to know more, please visit our web site at PLR Articles