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April 6, 2011

Strategy-Changing SEO Content Writer Tips

As a professional SEO content writer, I see many common mistakes when it comes to content. It’s easy to get a general idea of what good content ought to be from the wealth of information available to the average website owner these days. But there’s still a lot of confusion and misinformation out there. What’s more, many of the common mantras of content writing are not very well understood. I’m going to provide three key insights that should help you get your content right.

Tip #1: Understand What “Content is King” Really Means

“Content is king” is the basis of content marketing online. Most website owners know that without content, they can’t possibly succeed in online business. Those who don’t bother to create content and think they can find a shortcut tend to sink.

But let’s clarify exactly what “content is king” really means. For one thing, it’s about quality much more than quantity. Ideally you should have a lot of high quality content, but it’s better to have a small amount of excellent content than a large amount of rubbish content. It’s become common for site owners to simply copy and paraphrase content from other sites. This is ultimately a doomed strategy, because as search engine algorithms improve your content will be exposed for what it is: a cheap imitation of the real deal.

Tip #2: Know Your Reader

One essential element of being a good SEO content writer is understanding the target audience. If you don’t get inside the heads of your readers, you won’t communicate on their level and you’ll fail to build a relationship. Creating a solid online business is largely dependent on your ability to build relationships through words. SEO content is not just a matter of slapping together a bunch of words with the right number of keywords in it. It must connect with the reader, otherwise it’s ultimately useless as part of a sales process.

Tip #3: Always Pre-Sell

Pre-selling is a key concept in SEO content writing. As I said above, it’s not just a matter of getting the keywords right – if your content is not written for human readers, your sales results and thus your earnings will be less than satisfactory.

Pre-selling is simply the process of warming up a cold prospect, in order to open her up for your sales proposal. When a reader comes to your site from a search result, she’s not looking for a sales pitch – she’s looking for information. Provide that information first, establish your authority on the subject – and then you can introduce your sales pitch. Again, this comes back to establishing a connection with your reader before you ask her to open her wallet. Successful SEO content needs to serve the dual functions of generating search engine traffic, and getting that traffic to actually like you and your site.

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