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April 8, 2011

The Little Word That Makes Website Sales Copy Great

The skill of how to use persuasion in website sales copywriting is so very important for information marketers and will determine the degree of success that they will enjoy from their internet business. Once this skill is learned, you can utilize the ability to influence the prospect or customer to take any action that you wish them to take.

So what do you want the visitor to your website or blog to do? Is it to sign up for a free report in return for them giving you their email address details or to make a purchase of a product or service that you are recommending to them? Whatever it is, you want the person reading or listen to you to take a specific action that you want them to take.

The fact is, and don’t ignore this important point, each piece of content that is created whether an email, blog post, article or sales letter should always direct the reader to take a specific course of action. The question is how do you get them to take such action or should it be rephrased to say how do you influence them to take the action that you want?

A very effective technique to utilize is to try and get them to persuade themselves that the action requested to be taken is in fact in their best interests. Put simply, you get them to say “yes” instead of “no”. In fact, you get them to say “yes” repeatedly in their heads. Get them to think “yes”. Not once or even twice, but several times.

Within the sales copy, by using a series of discretely placed questions, you can elicit the “yes” response in the mind of the reader. Simple questions such as “would you not like to benefit too?” and “does that sound good to you?” will virtually compel the reader to respond “yes” to themselves. It encourages them to think positively about your product and also about you.

The more times that the reader thinks about the word yes and mentally answers “yes” to questions asked, the greater the prospect of them taking the action you want. It is referred to as the “yes, yes” sequence and should be adopted in all communications with prospects and customers where your goal is for them to take a specific action.

The secret to utilizing this method is to ask questions in a very subtle way through ensuring that when one is asked, the text is part of the natural flow of the sales copywriting message. You don’t want to interrupt the interest and intrigue for the reader with a blatant question that could appear to be out of sync with the message that you have created. Some of the most effective questions are those that doe not come across as appearing as questions but more as a link between one part of the sales copy and another.

When you discover how to do copywriting for a website utilizing this very effective method, you will witness a greater number of them taking the action that you wish for, which will ultimately influence the rate of sign ups to your email list or sales of your products.

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