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April 13, 2011

Product Creation- Public Domain Versus PLR

I think one of the best ways to create your own ebook apart from writing your own is to use public domain or better still Private label rights or PLR.

In this article I will try and briefly explain the two and point out the pros and cons.

Public Domain books are works that were created and first published before 1st January 1923 or at least 95 years before January 1st of the current year, whichever is later.

In most cases works that are in public domain have no restrictions attached to them -this means you can use them anyway you want. This is because after so many years, the copyright has expired and the author is no longer around in most cases there are some exceptions of course with some of the famous works that came from the early 20th century like Dale Carnegie and the likes.

Statistically speaking, 15% of the books in the world today are either originated from public domain or are in public domain.

However, I want to warn you that although you can take a public domain book and put your name on it as the author and claim the content as your own, most of the information contained in these works from almost 100 years ago are likely to be obsolete.

The best and the safest bet is that you use public domain information in areas that are time tested like principles, self-improvement, and some food recipes because these will probably still be valid and workable today.

And I won’t neglect to mention that the command of English in those days was quite different than it is today so you really need to do a lot of editing and rendering to bring it up to date.

There are many places where you can find public domain material, but the most famous is

Private Label Rights are basically pre-made content that you can purchase at reasonable price and use to create your own product. This is becoming increasingly popular in the Internet Marketing arena. Just like public domain, you can put your name as the author and edit the contents.

When you compare private label rights to public domain, I would say PLR is somewhat easier to handle because it’s a relatively new concept and this means that the contents are much more up to date and written by contemporary authors or ghost writers.

For example there are a lot of PLR books on things that we use in our everyday lives like the Internet and popular items like iPhone, and topics such as how to use technology, also on gadgets and that kind of stuff which we cannot find in public domains.

Just to let you know, pre-made content whether it’s public domain or PLR, does not have to be limited to written content. So it’s not just about E-books and articles. Any kind of works that are in public domain including music, images, and even audio for the matter are also content that you can actually use. And today, just like public domain, private label rights are not just limited to E-books or articles. You can also get PLR software, PLR audios and videos. I hope this helps you get a jump start with your content creation empire.

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