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April 18, 2011

Domain Extensions – Why Is a .ORG Domain the Best Extension to Have For Your Website?

Why register a .org domain name? Why not? If you have been considering registering a domain name, then a .org domain is an excellent choice.

.org domains build instant trust and credibility with your site visitors as they see that you are not just interested in making money but are committed to making this world a better place. They are identical to other domain names in most other aspects but with the added value of perceived confidence by your visitors.

.org domains are one of the original top level domains. This means that they were one of the first options in choosing a domain name. This means that the .org domain name extension is well recognized and sites with that extension are frequently seen as authority sites. Because they are so well recognized they are frequently used as a choice alternative to the popular but highly domain extension.

.org is the abbreviated form of organization. This makes perfect sense as they were formerly used exclusively for non profit and charitable organizations. This makes them perfect for sports teams, children’s clubs, religious and community organizations, environmental and other green groups. If you want a community site for your school or alumni association, health club or cultural institution, then a .org domain name will be your best option and will set your organizational website apart in a class by itself.

Anyone can now register a .org domain. You do not have to submit any documentation or any proof that you are a non profit or otherwise. The process for registering a .org domain is simple and hassle free. Commercial businesses can also register domains. This will build trust for any charitable organization associated with your business.

It can also help to ensure that your brand and trademark associated with your business name is well protected by registering across this and other top level domain names.

So if you have been considering registering a domain name, then a .org domain is the way ahead. It grants your website instant credibility, is a highly popular and recognizable domain name extension. It is perfect for running your charitable or community organization and is a great alternative to the popular .com domain names. There are no additional requirements or documentation required to register a .org domain and it gives you an opportunity to be a voice of change in the world. So, go ahead and register a .org domain for your personal use, your business use or for your school, organization or charity.

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