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April 20, 2011

New Affiliate’s Guide: Lingo – Part 1

Nobody can deny that a person who speaks more languages than the average Joe will go further in life. This is because learning and mastering an extra language allows a person to communicate with other ethnic; exchanging ideas, information and resources. Besides that, the person would also feel a sense of belonging among different communities, simply because he speaks in their language!

Thus, it is important that when you get started in this online business, you must know the different terms that are used within this online community… otherwise you will end up terribly confused as you would not understand what others in the Internet Marketing niche is saying.

Here are some of the terms used frequently when you become an affiliate marketer:


A person who sells a merchant’s product with his affiliate ID. The affiliate’s role is to direct traffic to the merchant’s sales page, and if the traffic converts, the affiliate makes a commission which is cut from the price of the merchant’s product.

Affiliate ID

This may be your username or a generated jumble of words or numbers. This ID is used to identify traffic that goes through your link to a merchant’s sales page from a crowd of other people’s traffic.

Merchant (sometimes called “Vendor”)

A person who creates a product and sells it with a sales page.

Traffic (also known as “Visitors”)

People who visit a certain webpage, or a website.

Converting Traffic/Traffic Converts…

Traffic that “converts” to buying customers. For example, they visit a sales page and they decide to buy the product.

Sales Page

A Sales Page is a webpage where the vendor puts up a sales letter to sell his product. Usually, a sales page is a really long letter that has a Headline, the Body, an Image of the Product, Testimonials and an “Add To Cart” or “Buy Now” button that leads to a checkout page.

Squeeze Page

A webpage that has a box that has a “Name” field and an “Email” field. Sometimes, they only have an “Email” field. This page is where the vendor “captures” the traffic’s email addresses in order to send relevant e-mails to his potential customers for follow – ups, adding value and promoting other products.

IM – Internet Marketing

The common term that has the meaning “Make Money Online” attached to it. The only way to make money from the internet is through marketing products… regardless of whether you are an affiliate or a vendor.

The terms above are the most frequently used terms once you have become an affiliate marketer. You do not need to memorize each term and definitions like you will be quizzed for it, because the longer you are in affiliate marketing, the more you will be able to understand what other affiliates, vendors and all who are in this business are saying.

If you are new to Internet Marketing, I would like to extend a warm welcome to you!:) Curious of how to make money online? Download my free report at right now! Reading and applying the techniques will definitely make you a Successful Affiliate In 30 Days! Once again, welcome and Best Of Luck! 🙂

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