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April 25, 2011

Direct Response Websites Made (REALLY) Easy

While direct response websites are thick on the ground in the online marketing niche, elsewhere they’re almost unknown. And that’s a shame, because it means vast numbers of website owners are losing out on a lot of income. Why? Because direct response websites make more money. Fact.


Simply because direct response marketing is more profitable, measurable and so much more controllable than so-called “image marketing” (because if you can measure your results accurately and precisely you then know where to do more and where to do less).

So let me share with you three very powerful, tested, and proven ways to make your website much more profitable:

First, every page must have one — and ONLY ONE — purpose.

As far back as 1937 direct response copywriting and marketing legend, Robert Collier, showed beyond any shadow of a doubt you cannot sell more than one thing at a time. Which in modern terms translates to… your web page must have one — and only one — action you want the reader to take at the end of it. And everything on the page as well as all the traffic-generating activities bringing traffic TO it must be put together with the end in mind.

Second, every page must have a call to action.
This follows naturally from the first point, and simply means you have to tell your visitor exactly what to do, why they must do it (and why they must do it now), what’ll happen if they don’t do it, and what’ll happen when they do. And this applies whether you are going to ask them to purchase something from you, sign up for an ezine or your emailing list, click through to another page, pick up the phone and call you, or something else. So use simple, unambiguous language and don’t assume anything beyond your reader being confused and needing his or her hand holding at every stage. Oh, and they’re lazy, too… so, don’t make the mistake of making them work for things!

And third, concentrate on collecting email addresses rather than making sales off the page.
While the reason for being in business is to make a profit, of course, and to do that you obviously have to make sales… you’ll get far superior results if you focus your entire website on becoming a lead-generating machine rather than just an online store. The reason is your conversion rate is going to be much, much higher — over 1,100% in my experience — if you put your energy into getting your visitors to subscribe to a mailing list where you can then demonstrate your value and build your relationship with them by email. Despite the enormous advantages of this approach, few business owners have the courage to have a go at it, because they in their blinkered way assume they need to be pushing hard for the sale all the time. This, of course, gives you a massive advantage if you have the courage to give it a try.

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