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April 25, 2011

Improving Business Leads – How to Be More Interesting and Engaging

While business networking and business leads are all about “business” there’s still something very personal and human about the process of networking. At the heart of it is human engagement. If you introduce a boring, drab and dull person into a networking event they’re not likely to garner the same business leads as someone with a lot more charisma and social finesse. Want to be more interesting? It takes more than just a few tricks – It’s very much a subjective issue as to what is “more interesting” but there are some things you can do to make yourself more engaging.

When you think about “being interesting” it’s about generating interest; giving people a reason to engage with you and stay connected once the networking is completed. Business leads and referrals then come later because people remember you based on your interests and how your personality resonated. It starts with knowledge

Improving Business Leads through Knowledge Acquisition

You can greatly increasing how interesting people perceive you to be by boosting your level of knowledge about interesting subjects. Mind you, this is not necessarily what’s interesting to you but what’s interesting to people overall. Again, this is subjective but a little research shows you some of the things that people are typically passionate about. Likewise, subjects that are specialized and not general knowledge are a good pick – underwater cave diving would stand out more than a specialists view of football.

Improving Business Leads with an Interesting Entrepreneurial Spirit

It’s consistent that most interesting people are those that have an interesting line of work. This makes other gravitate toward their specialty and want to learn more. The surgeon who specializes in a very unique heart procedure for saving children has a more interest career than the guy running a grocery store. Since we can’t all be groundbreaking pediatric cardiac surgeons you have to look elsewhere. Start something unique, do something crazy and build a brand that brings awareness and light on you. If that light can shine on those around you that’s even better because people will want a cut of your light.

Improving Business Leads – Be a Raconteur

A raconteur is someone that is highly skilled in the art of storytelling. From the time we’re crawling on the floor to the final resting place we all love a good story. Too many conversations are filled with small talk and verbal auto fellatio. If you want to increase your interest and engagement then learn to turn a conversation into a story. What elements interest people the most in a good story? Danger, Money, business, ego, psychology, social failure and of course… sex.

Improving Business Leads with Better Social Style

When you’re out there networking to build business leads, you have to remember that communication is all about style and presence. Interest is always about how you’re perceived, and style can help you fake it while you prepare to take it to the next level. Your communication style encompasses tone, speaking pace, ability to listen, mirroring conversation partners and overall presentation.

There’s no rocket science or magic formula behind being an interesting person. For many people it comes natural and for others they will need to work at it and build up their “skill”. Either way, if you present yourself properly you’ll improve your engagement and business lead acquisition at any business networking event.

A Mady is a freelance writer and ghost writer. Core competencies include article writing and distribution for links, website copywriting and blog writing and management.

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