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Article Marketing – Why You Should Love it – A SPN Exclusive Article

articlewritingArticle marketing, which has fallen a little by the wayside in recent years if you listen to the ‘gurus’, remains, in my opinion, the best, most reliable and most sustainable way to grow long-term streams of traffic to your website. Why article marketing has fallen out of favor, I think, comes down to two things:

First, there’s no denying it’s harder work than it used to be to get substantial traffic with article marketing. Even as recently as 5 years ago, if you had a couple of dozen good-quality articles driving traffic from a popular article marketing site, you were getting a lot of hits. Nowadays, though, it’s a different story and you need perhaps ten times that number to get the same results.

I know, instant panic at the thought of writing several hundred articles, but it’s easier than you think and once you start seeing the results you’re going to be extremely motivated to write them. More on that in a moment.

And secondly, article marketing is kinda old-fashioned.

If you’ve been in the Internet marketing business for a while, or even if you’ve just been looking at it, you’ll probably have seen how rapidly new whizzbang gizmos and funky technology comes along and everyone’s suddenly doing the cool new dance. First it was audio, then video, then blogging, then social media… on and on, and round and round.

Now, I’m not making any judgement about any of these strategies, but the fact is they are all just new ways of doing an old thing: driving traffic to your website, and then converting visitors to buying customers.

In fact, even this isn’t anything new in itself. The only thing new about it is the “website” bit. Marketers and advertisers have been following the process for over 100 years.

I’ll not deny article marketing isn’t sexy and exciting (and I love to write, remember). It’s not new and shiny, and it’s easier to talk into a camera or microphone than to type on a keyboard, for most people at least.

In short, article marketing is old fashioned, dull, boring, and, so some will tell you, ineffective.

And how wrong they are. I confess I had this attitude myself, once upon a time.

In my own arrogance and ignorance I assumed because I don’t read articles online too often, no one else would. What’s more, I assumed because the sites were often pig-ugly and clunky, they’d be a waste of time.

And how wrong I was.

But don’t take my word for this – let’s look at the numbers and dig out the unarguable proof of this particular pudding.

The numbers I’m going to use are from a blog I’m involved with. It’s my wife’s blog, and while she writes the content, I do all the marketing traffic generation and whatnot for it. At present it’s making her a respectable $3,000 a month with very little work at all. She put in a lot of work in the beginning, and she has dominated her niche, but now she focuses on writing articles to drive even more traffic.

Her articles get an average of 0.66 clicks per day apiece with a click-through rate averaging 17.3%. Of course, not all articles are born equal and her top article gets an average of 5.24 clicks a day on a click-through rate of 27.6%. That’s phenomenal.

Here’s the really cool stuff: her list converts at 11.34%…and article traffic is over three times more likely to join her list than general SE traffic… which means article traffic is vastly more valuable to her and is so, so much easier to get.


Well, because of the immense kudos a good article marketing site has with Google et al, she can get a first-page and often first-position ranking for a competitive keyword from an article, whereas the same content on her site, even though she practically owns her niche, would be way down the list.

My own site is another example of this. One of my articles ranks #7 against competition of over 5,000,000. My site, on the other hand can be found at about page 13.

But wait! There’s even more article marketing coolness to come!

The clicks my wife gets currently are worth around $500 a month to her. If she doubles the number of articles she has, then that $500 becomes $1,000. And all things being equal, it’s cumulative, rather like putting money in the bank and getting interest on it.

Now, we mentioned motivation a while ago and hinted at the drudgery of writing hundreds of articles.

Yet, given the numbers, it’s really a no-brainer. With a bit of practice most people can turn out a perfectly good 400-word article in about 20 minutes. That’s three every hour.

But let’s say you can manage only two. If you put in just three hours a day, that’s six articles. Put in five hours and you could make it 10 articles.

Do that every day for three months and you’d have 1,000 articles up there, giving you 660 very highly qualified visitors (and in the case of my wife’s blog, that would be growing her list by about 52 subscribers a day, which translates to 5.89 sales, which average about $40).

The only thing stopping most website owners doing this is their own unwillingness to put in the time and effort.

No, it won’t do itself and it won’t happen overnight, no matter who does it.

But the next three months will pass anyway, whether you write those articles or not. The only question is – will you have done it or won’t you?

Your bank balance and traffic numbers will give you the answer to that one.

Online lead generation and article marketing expert Jon McCulloch is the author of “BIG Marketing Muscle for Small Business”, where he reveals the simple and easily copied strategies you can put to work to give you 300% better responses than traditional methods. Your free book is waiting for you here:


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  • Gotta write new stuff all the time if you want that traffic, gotta get that traffic if you want to make those sales…good advice all around.

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