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Article Marketing: Does It Work Or Not?

artmktgAre you puzzled when it comes to the success of online article marketing? Do you have a number of contacts who proclaim that it’s injecting life into their websites and others who state it just doesn’t deliver for them?

The purpose of this article is to completely, once and for all, answer the question: Does online article marketing work?

Online article marketing works out for most of the people who carry it out in the correct manner. You do not have to be an SEO mastermind or tech guru to do it. Online article marketing is comparatively simple, and millions of small, everyday business managers utilize it with enormous success as their number one promotional tool for their websites.

But what would cause a person to announce that it didn’t work for their business? By far and away the most frequent reason why a person does not see the results he is looking for is this:

The person doesn’t submit articles consistently enough to see results.

Humans are really predictable — we expect to see a huge payoff for a tiny amount of labor. That’s why we start an exercise program and fail after just a week or two, demoralized because we do not look like a professional athlete yet.

Too often people tend to want immediate results in virtually everything they undertake, and that is why it might be easy for some people to get disheartened when they commence their online article marketing campaigns.

Ok, I want to tell you what you must rationally expect, so that you will be able to keep your determination and energy going until the time when your results kick off.

1 – Initially, you will start to submit just a few articles each month. If you are using automatic submission, about 8 articles is a good number every month for each website that you are marketing.

For the first few months:

* You will not see much change in your website traffic. Of course, there might be a few clicks coming from your initial articles that are being published around the net, and you may well experience a number of large surges of traffic right after a publication, but likely not enough to knock you out, and nowhere near the level of the traffic you might receive with a higher search engine ranking;

* You might not observe any supplementary backlinks showing up for your website in the search engines just yet;

* You may not come across any heartening improvement to your site’s search engine ranking for any of your keyword terms.

Sounds comforting, does it not? That is the reason it’s so helpful to be forewarned and forearmed — the initial few months of your campaign is when you are revving things up, but you will not see a great deal of proof of your article marketing campaigns advancement.

2 – You have to stick at it and continue your article marketing campaign. After those first few months of activity, you should start to notice an onrush of backlinks show up for your site in the search engines. These are the very links that you have been building up over the
preceding few months. They do not show up immediately — it takes time for Google to calculate them.

You also may well notice your PageRank start to creep up either before or after your backlinks show up.

In addition, if you are making use of keywords in your submissions, you might start seeing your website’s primary page jump up the search engine rankings. (In order for you to observe your ongoing progress, it is a good idea to keep a note of your ranking, PageRank and backlinks for your keyword terms ahead of you starting marketing with articles.)

3 – Heartened by your opening triumph, you submit articles steadily, and just a little at a time, in fits and spurts and occasionally massive leaps, your website will scale the search engine rankings.

Your major “payday” is improving traffic from searches people do on Google, Yahoo, etc. In fact, this is the main objective of online article marketing – to obtain a higher Google ranking so that you are able to make hay with the truckload of traffic that a very high search engine ranking brings. The time this process will take is dependent on your own particular niche and just how competitive it happens to be.

Now you understand exactly what many other business owner managers are doing to get amazing changes to their website traffic. So, go on and make marketing with articles work for you!

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