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May 2, 2011

How To Advertise On Facebook – Facebook Marketing 101

An increasing number of businesses have been running direct response and branding campaigns through Facebook due to the fact that Facebook is a very popular medium with a huge number of users and page views. It is really quite easy to target internet users on Facebook however, in order to succeed it is important that you know that advertising on Facebook is fundamentally different from search engine advertising. This difference is what makes advertising on the world’s largest social media site a bit challenging.

As you probably know, when someone is searching on one of the major search engines like Google or Yahoo using a specific keyword, a related ad will pop up. The user will then click the ad (if it interests him) wherein he will be taken to another site. This is what the user expects to happen. But, when people are using Facebook, they are basically there to socialize – to look at photos, to enter their status updates, read their friends’ status updates, etc. Facebook users generally plan on staying on Facebook and do not plan on being taken away from the site by clicking on ads.

To illustrate how you can take part in effective Facebook marketing, let’s say that you are trying to promote a supplement that helps to build and retain muscles after working out. With Facebook advertising, you can target the age, gender and location of who you want your ad to be seen by. For example, if you want your ad to be seen by men who are 24 years of age in the United States who ‘like’ the gym, working out, fitness, etc., your ad will be seen by this group of Facebook users.

The ideal Facebook advertisement includes an image and a catchy phrase or statement which will grab the attention of your targeted group of Facebook users. It is very important that your ads remain fresh because Facebook ads quickly become stale which causes click-through rates to drop dramatically. Remember that you are targeting essentially the same group of people so if you are showing them the same ad day in and day out, the interest they show in your ad will dramatically drop. You can certainly sell the same supplement over the long term but you must change your Facebook advertisement regularly in order to gain click-throughs.

Considering the fact that Facebook users do not want to leave Facebook, you have to know where to send users. Sending them directly to your website is not your best option as most users will simply close that tab because they do not want to be taken out of Facebook.

This leads us to what does work well with Facebook marketing which is to send users to a Fan Page that features a ‘Buy it Now’ button. Clicking that button will take the user away from Facebook, but at this point it is all fine and good because obviously anyone clicking the ‘Buy it Now’ button is interested in making a purchase.

In conclusion, advertising on Facebook is drastically different than advertising on Google. People go to Google to connect to other information. Facebook users on the other hand do not go to Facebook to be taken to another website. Your ads must be very appealing so that users will want to click through for more information about the product you are selling.

This article should give you a general idea of how to advertise on Facebook. Now that you know the basics, get out there and start making some ads! Here’s a YouTube video that’s packed with more valuable information –