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May 2, 2011

How to Boost Profit through SEO and Basic Business Principles – A SPN Exclusive Article

Perfecting SEO to gain traffic and attract customers is only half of being successful. Making money online is not just about technically tracking and managing your business on a regular basis. Many people choose to ignore cliches in business because they’re tired of hearing it. This may sound funny, but I often hear it in the SEO conventions I attend.

Gaining Profit through Basic Business Principles

Help your prospects and clients

Some successful executives always cite that “focusing on making money leads to an early death”. This may sound like another cliche, but simply looking at it shows you the plain truth: doing business is not just about making money.

You may say that we literally help people through link building, because it’s a win-win, give-and-take process. What I’m referring to is helping people outside the realms of normal SEO methods. For example, if you are an SEO Reseller, you can help your clients by giving them free training on SEO. This enables them to understand not only the basic but the technicalities of the process as well.

I have known many business owners who literally invite their prospects and clients to their internal meetings so they can learn about the goals of the industry. I also have friends who provide weekly tutorial sessions through e-mail to aid their clients (and possible competitors) and help expand the industry to a different level. Some companies are more than willing to give some unfortunate people and organizations financial aid to help them start a desired business.

Build long-term relationships

The strength and longevity of your business depend on the business partners and friends who have been with you every step of the way. Measure business longevity by looking at how your business became a bridge for other businesses to grow, by seeing how wide your network is, and by determining how much you have contributed to your market and especially to your community.

Partners strengthen and empower business. Sometimes, partnership and networks can save a sinking corporation. Try reading the business section of your national paper and you’ll see how partnerships and relationships are integral parts of every industry.

Many major companies today measure their success not with how consumers can easily recall their brand but with how they helped their industry and community.

Consider profit secondary

Frankly speaking, we all planned and started our business with the simple reason of gaining money. We all seek financial success, and we believe that we can make more money through our business. There is nothing wrong about this, but as successful people say, “Focusing on money might cost us our lives; we might end up without much time left to enjoy the fruits of our labors.” We have to balance everything; every entity in our business has its own value, whether it lies in the technical or internal aspect. As business owners, we should know where to put that value, and what should be prioritized. Always begin your business’ value in life, and everything will follow, including money and absolute financial success. Success is relative. Whether you measure it monetarily or by your contribution to your community, it always begins in valuing life.

Gaining Profit through SEO

Product Makeover

If you have been in the business for years, chances are some of your products and services need a little repackaging. Some of these may be out of style or outdated price-wise. Take time to review your product line. Separate the old items from the new items. Old items can be included in your “to be discounted and sold on sales” list.

One effective technique I’ve seen many local business owners do is incorporating keywords in their main products. I’ve seen a toothbrush named ‘Bay Area toothbrush’, and a carpet named ‘Phoenix Carpet Magic’. The technique accomplishes SEO and product branding with one method.

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to track down the trends, what’s hot and what’s not. I’ve encountered businesses that never tire of pushing outdated products to the local market, as if local consumers are unaware of the global market.

Quality service assurance

No one wants a defective product or terrible customer service. Just like in your SEO processes, one way of assuring quality service is by perfecting your anchored links, content writing, and keyword research. These three are the foundations of your SEO campaign and internal online advertising. They are your secret search tools, Google’s exact targets in crawling and indexing your website. Providing your readers with informative content is a perfect way of giving them quality service.

Aim for long-term goals

There is nothing wrong with settling for short-term, daily goals. However, planning on a long-term perspective prepares you for any struggles and challenges. Short-term goals are part of your long-term goals; don’t separate these because these are the strategic components of perfect planning.

Do not stop building links with relevant websites. Befriend other website owners instead of considering them as competitors. Share and learn ideas from them. Doing this helps you build links, gain domain authority, and expand your network. Having strong links and solid same-niche friends in your network cements your authority and SEO success.

Think the SEO Reseller way, go local and do not measure your business’ success by its size. Think of your community’s needs before anything else and always plan with longevity in mind.

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