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May 6, 2011

Do You Know As Much As Google Knows About Your Website?

Google knows that to retain their reputation as a superior search engine they must provide results better than anyone else.

What can YOU confirm in regards to how prospects navigate your site? Do you have website statistics installed so that you can see the same things Google does?

Google knows exactly how long you stay on a website, effectively your “vote”, in helping Google determine relevancy for future searches. Google knows how popular your site is by how many sites have a backlink to your site, in effect, the internet’s “vote” for your site. Google knows how relevant your site is; they “read” the content like a human.

Putting site analytics in place will give you the exact data you require. For instance, how many unique visits your site has received, where they came from, who sent them, how long they stayed, what they viewed, and which pages caused them to exit. Once you gather these analytics, patterns will be evident.

Most website owners know absolutely nothing about the data regarding their site, making it impossible to make sound decisions concerning improvements. A few keep track of hits received by using a counter, but that is not nearly enough data to determine an appropriate alteration.

In order to make proper modifications, you need to know about site visits. For example, which days of the week does the site receive the most hits? What would be the reason?

Where was the traffic created, through referring sites, search engines or direct visits? Which keywords were typed to locate your site? Which websites directed them to you?

Do you make it simple for visitors to bookmark your site?

Which path brought in the most traffic? Do you capture visitors’ attention with information which has significance and is interesting? What was the number of pages viewed?

Which pages were most popular? What was the length of time the page was viewed? Which browsers are most popular?

Internet Explorer? Firefox? Is your site presenting correctly on each and every different browser? Is there support for your features, like Java?

This is case in point of the least amount of statistics you will require. Next, you should find out how many visits you are receiving from returning traffic vs. new ones. Of the new ones, how many people immediately clicked off your site? (This is your bounce rate.) A significant bounce rate tell you that traffic is finding your site revolting or that you are bringing in the wrong audience. For those visitors who return, are you revising information to keep your site interesting and fresh? Does anyone visit from smartphones? This is the highest growth market in the Internet’s history. Which smartphones are being used most; for example, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and have you optimized for smartphones so that users have the best viewing experience?

Google knows, so should you.

If you do not have analytics installed, go to Google and they will provide the information on how to do so. If you cannot make the time to examine and investigate the data, employ someone who will. If you do not know what Google knows, it will cost you time, lost revenue and overall ROI on your web presence., Inc. is a cutting-edge website design firm specializing in effective web and smartphone strategies that produce measurable results by delivering a powerful online presence and tremendous exposure. Find out more about SEO and generating qualified leads at =>