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May 9, 2011

6 Tips to Quality Directory Submissions

There are a lot of advantages to directory submission for search engine optimization. Primarily, directory submissions result in one-way links to your site. In addition, if it is a high traffic directory, you can also get visitors to your site through the directory, though I would not count on this kind of traffic.

Of particular value are specialized directories that are related to your site because these provide relevant one way links back to your site. The other big advantage is that as you become listed on high profile directories such as DMOZ, it improves your site’s credibility and facilitates other link exchanges because people are more willing to work with webmasters and sites that are well connected and have a
good reputation.

Below are 6 tips to help you get the most out of your directory submission process.

1. Keep a Log of All the Directories You Have Submitted To

Create an EXCEL spreadsheet or get a lined notebook to write down the directories that you have submitted your site to so you don’t accidentally waste time doing it twice. Plus, this gives you a long list that you can check off in the future when you have other sites to submit.

Also, while I generally don’t recommend paying for directory inclusion, keeping records will help you to know how much you are spending and better decide if it is worth the cost.

2. Compile a List of Directories Before Starting

There are thousands of directories out there. Fortunately, others have already compiled lists of directories for you so that all you need to do is search out these sites and sort their lists by high page rank and the niche directories related to your website. Start with these and, if you still have time afterwards, then expand your list. With literally thousands of directories (most offering little value), however, you want to start with the ones that are likely to give you the most success.

3. Choose the Right Category

Selecting the most relevant category is of key importance in directory submission. With every directory, there is a webmaster deciding whether your site is going to contribute to their business. If your site is not going to add value to their directory, then your submission is on a fast track to the garbage bin, and the fastest way to end up on this track is to submit to the wrong category. In addition, while not all directories allow you to submit to high level categories, if it is possible, you want to be on pages with the fewest clicks from the home page. The closer you are to the home page, the greater value that link back to your site will be.

4. Build Your Title Wisely

Most directories allow you to build a title for your site. This title becomes the hyperlink back to your site and so the keywords used in the title will be the keywords that Google deems important on your site. If you want your blog to rank well for ‘dance shoes’, then there is little point in titling your submission “Lilys Blog.” Once you have built a keyword relevant title, you will then want to vary it between submissions so that the link building appears more natural to the search engines.

5. Build a Keyword Relevant Description

While the description is less important compared to the title, the keywords help to determine the relevance of the link and also act as your pitch to potential customers browsing the directory. Write three short descriptions (15-25 words) and three longer descriptions (30-50 words) and vary them with each submission depending on the guidelines of the directory. Also avoid excess use of capital letters and punctuation as overt overuse of both can get your submission rejected.

6. Stretch Out Your Submissions Over Time

The search engines do not like to see abnormally large bursts in the number of links to a site as it generally suggests that artificial link building is being done. The search engines want natural link building and the more natural you make it look, the more value you will get out
of your links.

By following these tips, you should be able to enjoy a good return on your time investment into directory submissions.

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