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May 11, 2011

5 Quick and Easy Ways to Create High Profit Sales Minisites

Building your own sales minisites can be a bit of a chore – no doubt! After creating a product you need a website to sell it from, but for some this step has a steep learning curve. The process of creating a sales minisite is one area that sometimes stops potential internet marketers from profiting on the web.

But, this step is essential if you want to make any money online. You also need a sales site to attract affiliates, get involved in joint ventures or to give your internet marketing business any credibility. It’s obvious though why this step causes many internet marketing novices to stop in their tracks. But there are several ways around this sticking point.

Here are 5 top ways you can immediately use to speed up the process of creating a simple sales site for your next internet marketing project.

1. Use Video

A video sales page usually just has a video, a few bullet points, and a buying link. Once you have shot your sales video then creating the page is the easy part. By using video you immediately do away with most of the problems of web graphics, formatting text, crafting a sales letter, and lots of HTML coding.

The big benefit of including video as your sales message, is that you can also demonstrate your product right there on the screen. This is powerful marketing.

2. Use Outsourcing

If you decide to outsource your minisite creation you will of course need a budget to pay your freelancer. The good news is that there are thousands of highly talented and creative web developers out there who can help you out. Freelance sites like or have lists of those who can create your minisite.

On many of these freelance sites you don’t need to pay anything until you are satisfied with the result. Also, those interested in taking your project will indicate how much they are willing to take to complete it, so they try to “out bid” each other. These two factors will tend to keep the costs down and get you a great job for a great price.

3. Use Someone Else’s Site

If you don’t have a product yet you can use someone else’s site and sell their product as an affiliate. Although this doesn’t get your site up and running it does give you a chance to earn money, gain experience, and to build a list of your own buyers. This also helps you gain a bit of breathing space while you get your own products up and running.

The another big advantage of this technique is that you can see the type of websites that are converting visitors to buyers, and making money. This can give you big pointers to what you need to include in your own minisite project.

4. Use Templates

Templates are webpage blanks. They have all the features of the completed page like headlines, subheads, testimonial boxes, bullet lists and buying links, but none of the detailed content. This leaves you free to plug in your own information and transform the template into your own sales page.

The big advantage here is that your sales page will be your own. Even although you started off with a common template, your own information will turn it into a sales minisite that no one else has. You can even include your own graphics, video, etc to transform it into something unique.

5. Use PLR Products

Private label rights products (or PLR for short) often come with their own sales sites. You can of course usually edit both the PLR product, and the sales site, and so produce not only a unique product, but also a unique sales minisite. You don’t have to do this of course. At the very least all you have to do is insert your own buying link into the sales page to make the site your own.

Any of these strategies can short circuit the process of creating your own high profit sales minisite. You need to remember that the process of creating web pages is central to internet marketing, but to get up and running you don’t need to spend hours and hours slaving over a hot keyboard.

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