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May 16, 2011

Learn SEO – Search Engine Optimization Tips To Drive Traffic

If you are a new to internet marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) is sometimes hard to understand in the beginning. SEO is the ability to make an article or a web page optimized for the search engines. Once the article or webpage has been SEO optimized the search systems such as Google, Yahoo and Bing now have the ability to rank and index the page or article appropriately.

Basic SEO Techniques Internet Marketing

The ability to create an article or webpage to automatically jump to number 1 seems impossible but if a page is optimized correctly it has the ability to get top ranking for low competitive keywords. To produce a basic search engine optimization page needs to have the following.

1. Keyword density between 2-5%

2. Meta keywords tags

3. Meta description tags

4. Keyword in the title

5. Use H1, H2 and H3 tags throughout the page

Using these five factors forms the basics of SEO and creates a page that is ready for the search systems like Google. Many individuals that start a blog or website do not use any SEO techniques or SEO tools to optimize each page. Studies have shown that those webmasters who took the time to use many of the optimization tips, have shown that by doing on page optimization their articles and pages receive more traffic and visitors than those webmasters who have not done any SEO at all.

Top SEO Techniques That Will Help Drive Traffic

Many of the search engine optimization techniques are used widely by many successful internet marketers. Many keep these SEO strategies to themselves and are not very forthcoming when it comes to explaining how to get traffic or to become number one in the search such as Google. The top 3 strategies of search engine optimization is as follows.

1. Build quality one way links

2. Use other traffic sources other than Google, Yahoo and Bing

3. Onpage SEO optimization

The strategies have been around for a longtime but many internet marketers take these strategies and do not fully understand what to do with them.

Search Engine Optimization Tools

There are many different tools on the market today that can be used for search engine optimization. There are those tools that will analyze your position on Google, Yahoo or Bing, analyze your article or page and give a link count.

There are other tools that will build links by distributing articles to article directories, post comments on blogs or post comments on forums and this is completed done by automated software with a push of a button.

Organic SEO Tips

Organic search engine optimization is the process of getting your article or website on page 1 in the free section of search engines. This is accomplished by doing the proper keyword research, building links, onpage SEO and driving traffic from other sources.

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