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May 16, 2011

SEO Article Writing: What Can Tom Hanks Teach You About Link Building?

If you are totally confused as to what people are talking about when they talk about building links and doing article marketing, and if you are a fan of the movie “Cast Away” with Tom Hanks, then I’ve got a beginner-friendly article that just may drive things home with you.

As a new website owner you know that a brand new website is awfully lonely. Your website sits by itself on the world wide web like a gorgeous but deserted island sits in the middle of the huge ocean.

You’re sort of like Tom Hanks in the movie “Cast Away” when he was stranded on that deserted island.

When you first launch your website, likewise, no one knows that it’s there. You post information and you think you might as well be talking to yourself. You start to go stir crazy after a while because you want someone to interact with, kind of like Tom Hanks did in that movie.

Remember how that volley ball he found became his closest confidant? Let’s not let it get that far…

New website owners can learn a lot about building a successful website by the way Tom Hanks handled his isolation problem in the movie “Cast Away”.

You Can’t Survive Without Links

I supposed Tom could have lived on that island all by himself indefinitely, but the thought of it was torture to him. He said to himself: “I can’t live like this–I need to get in touch with civilization.”

In the same way, you say about your website, “I want people to find out about my website–I can’t just sit here twiddling my thumbs waiting for a random person to accidentally come by. I need to take action…”

Tom’s Raft Is Like Your Links

What did Tom do to solve his problem? He built a raft. His plan was to build a raft and then use the raft to put him in touch with civilization.

For Tom, his very survival was riding on the success of that raft. If the raft wouldn’t float or if it was not sturdy enough to withstand the waves of the sea, then he would either die out in the ocean or be permanently stranded on his little island.

The links that you build when you submit articles are like the raft that Tom built. How is that?

1 – The raft was a means of traveling from one point to another.

Similarly, a link is a means of traveling from one spot on the internet to another. If you click on any link, it will take you from the page that you are looking at to another location on the internet.

When you create links to your website, you are creating a means of transporting visitors to your website. Without this method of transport, your website will remain unknown and isolated.

2 – The raft positioned Tom so that he would be noticed by others.

Tom built his raft and set out on the high seas. For a long time there was no one in sight, but eventually his raft floated beside a huge cargo ship that noticed him and pulled him out of the water.

Likewise, the links that you build when you submit articles put your website in a position of being noticed by Google and the other search engines. Search engines evaluate your links to determine what your site is about, what words it should rank for, and where to place your site in their rankings.

Then, the search engines bring your website to the attention of people who are searching for the type of information that you have at your site.

Google is the huge cargo ship.

The cargo ship united Tom with his family and friends. Google unites your website with the people who you want to become your customers.

Getting Connected Takes Time…

Tom floated around on the raft for a long time before his raft was noticed by the cargo ship.

In the same way, you start building links by submitting articles, and even after you build links to your site, you will also “float around” waiting for Google to notice the links that you have created. It can take somewhere from three to six months for Google to calculate the new links that you build and adjust your website’s ranking.

During that time of waiting, like Tom, you just need to be patient.

I hope this unconventional link building illustration has been helpful to you in understanding what links are and why it’s important that you build them for your website.

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