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May 26, 2011

Free Email Marketing: Do You Get What You Paid For

As the internet evolves, we continue to learn that there are many things online that can be obtained for free. Some that come to mind are software, membership sites, and professional services like email marketing. Yes indeed, you can deploy your very own campaigns to your very own list of contacts without needing to invest any money at all. Here are three reasons why free email marketing is totally worth the effort:

1. Perfect for Learning the Ropes

Email marketing is generally a straightforward process, but it is a process that has to be learned. What appears simple to a veteran user can be complex and frustrating for the absolute newcomer. Free email marketing makes for the perfect testing ground. This type of service allows you take the platform for a spin to get familiar with the feature set and explore all the system has to offer. When going the free route, you can make mistakes that cannot be afforded when you have invested a budget. This factor alone makes such services quite valuable for beginners.

2.Incredibly Useful

Some complimentary offerings are not worth the web space used to present the offer. You’d be surprised at the usefulness that accompanies a free email marketing solution. These type of services are ideal for the small startup looking to create awareness for a new business, the local organization that needs to gain support for a non profit cause, or the company trying to drive a specific product or service to a target audience best fit to buy it. Email marketing is suited to accommodate a broad range of needs, and some of the free options are very capable in this regard.

3. It’s Free

For many users, the best aspect of free email marketing is the fact that it’s well, free. Whether you are running a charity or a business that needs sales to survive, keeping that organization thriving can get expensive. Free email marketing gives you the ability to meet important objectives without having to worry about fees for physical maintenance, security, administration and other expenses incurred by many other organizations. The waiving of any fees makes a free email marketing service a viable solution for those with minimal financial resources and a need to cut back on spending.


Choosing free email marketing is truly one of the best decisions you can make. Keep in mind, though, that the actual benefits you enjoy will depend on that very decision. You have some services that are so good, it’s hard to believe there isn’t a hidden charge just waiting to pop out. Others are limited, poorly supported, and just plain difficult to use. If you choose to go the free route, be sure to thoroughly evaluate the market so you can get what your efforts pay for. Even though you are not exchanging any money with the service provider, you still do not want to sacrifice quality.

Kevin is a best practices activist and advocate for free email marketing