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May 30, 2011

The New Marketing Geography – Six-Digit Postal Code Boundaries

Location intelligence has become an essential tool to helping businesses expand and grow their markets. Making use of marketing analytics to drive their business activities has become a standard practice for most enterprise. Today, using the new marketing geography – Six-Digit Postal CodeOM boundaries, acquired through location intelligence solutions, businesses can achieve optimum levels in trade area delineation, market segmentation and serviceability.

There are approximately 818,000 active postal codes (FSALDU) for residences and businesses in Canada. In the past, experts promoted the use of government administration boundaries as the ideal geographic unit for marketing activities. Only recently, a six digit postal code geographic boundary fabric has been created that covers all urban and rural areas across Canada.

Postal code boundaries are typically smaller geographic units representing smaller clusters of households and individuals. The maintenance and updating of geographies is also significantly different. Census geography is determined for the primary purpose of collecting descriptive statistics regarding the populations within their boundaries. Businesses with GIS software, access to vector street data that is ascribed with address ranges, and customer data that has been address-referenced, have the ability to delineate and study the trade areas where the majority of their customers are located which includes where they live and work. Companies can also focus direct mail advertising campaigns on their own trade areas, or their competitors’. Furthermore, GIS can be used to analyze the socio-economic characteristics of the population within trade areas, enabling businesses to make sure that the products and services they offer meet the needs and preferences of target populations.

Data acquired from location intelligence solutions that provide a more granular and present view of the market place provides the following business benefits: The business is able to locate higher value customers that have higher purchase value and purchase frequency. The ability to achieve higher sales conversion rates by more accurately targeting marketing activity to specific customer profiles. The business is able to reduce marketing campaign costs, from analytics through to distribution.

Six-Digit Postal CodeOM boundaries data provides increased precision to the marketing professional. As well, increased granularity in marketing geography allows marketing researchers to identify more subtle variation in geodemographic variables. This new capability enables business benefits directly associated to the use of six digit postal code boundaries when driving marketing analytics where location is a relevant consideration.

Postal addresses are now used for more than just sending mail. Businesses now have the ability to use location intelligence solutions to identify key information from postal code data to better identify and develop markets and determine potential risks so that they can effectively grow their business. Location intelligence solutions such as Postal Code mapping software will have the most comprehensive and detailed collection of Canadian postal geography products that provide a robust marketing analytics and distribution data solution, with unmatched neighborhood level precision. By using Six-Digit Postal CodeOM boundaries as the new marketing geography acquired through location intelligence solutions, businesses can now achieve the most favorable levels of performance in trade area delineation, market segmentation and serviceability.

A Postal code map suite and Location intelligence Solutions software can be tailored to the demands of large organizations. It combines modern technology with geographic coordinates systems to deliver solutions to business obstacles.