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May 30, 2011

Yes You Can Purposefully Increase Your Rate of Retweets

Most people who have tried using Twitter for business have discovered that some forms of marketing do not work there at all. For example, viral marketing can happen a lot easier and with some purposeful intent – only after having laid the groundwork to make that happen. Viral marketing and the effects of it are incredible, and that is part of the power of Twitter. This article deals with several Twitter marketing methods that have a high possibility of giving you an edge with receiving viral retweets.

If you have ever tried to give away content for free at Twitter, then you may have experienced the inability to even do that. So what is going on is you need to change your approach and let people know what you are offering them. Have you ever noticed that some marketers at Twitter are not involved at all other than to tweet links. You will not get very far at all if you never engage your followers other than to push links at them. You need to mix in simple tweets along with tweets that contain links. The online crowd at Twitter and other places are far too distrusting with those whom they do not know. Building relationships begins with a little bit of friendly banter.

It is all right if you are not retweeted with some of your content. It is possible that the majority missed it when it first came out. This is easier to happen than you think simply because there can be so much going on, and then your content slipped by and got buried. That is why sometimes you see people tweeting multiple times, so this is not so unusual at all. This ensures that all your followers get to see your tweet and it is not missed.

Still, do not go crazy with your tweets because that can create a negative impression on you.

Leveraging your blog to make it easy for people to share your content is an important step. You should get a blog, definitely, because you can integrate so much with social media.

So make sure you place a TweetMeme button on your blog to make it easy for your readers to instantly share your content on Twitter. You want your visitors to have no trouble locating your various share icons. There are entire networks of high quality blogs, and people use social media promotion all over them. There is no excuse for not having these items on your blogs, and you do want to get retweets, right?

Be sure to do more research because there are more things you can do to increase the odds of getting retweeted.

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