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June 6, 2011

Create a Clickable Map to Display Specific Location

To make your own interactive Flash map, you may need some initial software to work with. This software is known as interactive map building software and is available from different retailers in the web. You can create your own interactive and customizable maps for web usage or for offline presentation usage.

The majority of map builders come with a range of inbuilt templates but you can also import your own specific map area if it isn’t available within their inbuilt gallery.

Map creation is extremely easy within most map builders; you need no prior knowledge of interactive maps and no Flash programming experience. Here is a step by step user guide to creating your own map with an interactive map building software program.

– Open your map building via your operating system desktop or taskbar.

– Click the “Create/New Map” icon and a new map can be created.

– Click “import a custom map image” to import your custom clickable map image or one of the many template maps within the software program.

– In the Map Options tab you can set your map title e.g. John’s Work Map. You can also choose your background color, layout style and map size. If you tick the “Zooming Function/Zoom option” box you will be able to zoom in and out your map and navigate around it.

– Click the Map Options tab and enter the desired width/height of your map.

– You can now add the customizable, clickable features you desire if you follow the next tutorial steps.

How to define and add you own customizable clickable area:

– In the Points & Lines Tab (generally accessible via the INSERT tab in your map builder) select the shape of the area you would like to be clickable.

– Within the points and lines editing window you can draw your shape within the area you desire.

– Once you’ve drawn your area you can click within it and APPLY or SAVE so it becomes a fully functioning element of your map.

– Once you have applied this particularly map area you can add text boxes, location information or whatever else you would like to it.

There are many different customizable options within map building software. You can select some innovative info boxes or tooltips to add in your map, both of these add an extra dimension to your map.

To embed your map in your website you will need to upload and publish it first. If you want to publish your map you can simply click the “Publish” button at the toolbar.

Choose the desired location to save your published map and then you can toward to the embedding process. In the publishing screen you can find the HTML embed code which you will need to add your map to your website. Prepare your website page as you may need to use your HTML web editor and paste the HTML embed code from the publishing screen. You can then follow your usual steps for uploading your locally built webpage to your site online. This may vary slightly depending on the map building software you use but it is guaranteed your HTML embed code will be accessible through your software program.

To create your own personalized clickable map is more than achievable regardless of your design experience and with the right software you can create as many maps as you’d like.

Visit iMapbuilder today to download a free trial version of map making software that does not require coding and programming to create your own interactive image map. You can also download other flash software including flash photo gallery, music player, video player, and website builder.