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June 6, 2011

How to Create a Website – a Guide For The Beginners

How can you create a website for your business?

You can go to website Builder Company and pay for the website creation or you can create a website yourself.

For a long time I thought that in order to create a website you must be a programmer or a computer science engineer, you need to know technical languages as HTML, PHP, ASP and even C++ (I heard these names few times, but never knew what it means). I was wrong…nothing of the above is necessary.

First of all you just need to know what a website actually is. I will try to describe it assuming that the reader of this article knows nothing about website building. Website is a number of pages with text and images which are located on hosting server. Instead of keeping them in your “Documents” folder, you need to store them on a large computer that is called a server, so your pages could be accessed by other people via search engines or directly using your domain. This server is called web hosting. There are hosting companies that provide you with hosting solution for your website.

Additional element of a website is Content Management System (CSM). Once your pages are hosted you will need to have Content Management System to be able to change content, update information and upload new images. The lack of user friendly CSM will make the changes in your website very difficult and expensive.

Searching for “create a website” in Search Engines will show you a lot of companies that can create a website for you and companies that provide software that you can use to create your own website by yourself.

I have checked two kinds of website building solutions: one is free website builder (powered by Google) and the other one is a solution that allows you to create a website for free, but charges you for hosting.

“Google Sites” provides a solution for anyone who wants to build a simple website for his business. The hosting is for free, you can integrate images and videos using “You Tube” and “Picasa”. There are Help Topics for every function and Help Forum that you can search for answers, if you have some questions about implementing specific design or function. Free Google site currently don’t support Forum and Virtual Store implementation. But it is a really great solution for a small business that needs to be seen on the internet. It is absolutely free.

Second solution is website builder software that provides you with a 30 days free trial and charges for hosting solution afterwards. “Live City” is a great solution for businesses that their need is to have a website, which can be changed during time. A website created in this system can grow with your business. You can create a simple website to provide information about your business or you can create an ecommerce site by simply integrating virtual store element during the creation process. There is no need in any technical knowledge, no need to pay a lot of money to build virtual store. You can just add it with one click.

I have built a few websites in “Google sites” and in “Live City” sites. I have really enjoyed the simple drag and drop website builder used in Live City. It took me two hours to build a website; I greatly enjoyed the simple solution of designing the website, changing colors of background, tables, and fonts. The Content Management System is really convenient. It is a really great solution and the price is really low. Imagine yourself having virtual store for about 13$ per month.

You don’t need to have technical knowledge or high budget to create your own website. You can upgrade your business for free or for a minimal monthly fee and get visible online for all the potential customers who are looking for the service or product you provide.

Just choose the solution that fits you most. The sky is the limit!

This article introduces the reader to website builder software, the great way to create a website for free. To start creating your site go to