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June 6, 2011

The Power Of Attraction Marketing

First, for those that may be unaware what Attraction Marketing is, a brief explanation. Attraction Marketing is a process by which one offers something of value free on the internet in order to generate solid leads via internet marketing techniques such as search engine optimization (SEO) in connection with pay-per-click campaigns or similar tools such as generating new site registrations.

By offering valuable content free, this will position you with the prospect or vendor as being trustworthy and an authority on the subject matter. This in turn will entice the prospect or vendor to seek additional information using your pre-established marketing structure.

Key to Attraction Marketing is the ability to produce valuable content to attract the prospect in the first place. Using the principles of SEO, having structured your content to achieve high rankings in specific search engines, this will be the first draw to getting the new or returning prospect. People respect value, and offering something of value right out the box will setup a much higher trust level with the prospect for further involvement. A prospect will be much more inclined to fill out a site registration form on your site if they trust that you are not going to use it to spam them, or to give their email address away. Many hard sell marketing approaches fail to recognize this fact when attempting to engender registrations or pursue the next step after one has hit on a pay-per-click ad.

Succeeding at network marketing through Attraction Marketing is further enhanced when one looks at the principles of Magnetic Sponsoring as explained in Mike Dillard’s book. Mike further explains the importance of creating more targeted leads, using strategies for generating additional cash flow for network marketing reps, and how it is critical to be perceived as an expert in the network marketing field. When it comes to Attraction Marketing, think of it as the Law of Attraction. People have a natural tendency, once reservations have been eliminated, to come together if there is value in the relationship.

Putting Attraction Marketing to work in your business requires a number of key principles:

1) Producing value added and relevant materials on a consistent basis
2) Promoting your “brand” by developing relationships on social networks
3) Presenting unique and relevant content – no cookie cutter materials
4) Avoiding the trap of the traditional “sales pitch;” attract rather than promote

When thought of as focusing on attraction rather than promotion, one can see how Attraction Marketing via network marketing is a different approach to take than other traditional marketing approaches. Many on the internet have “trust issues” due to spamming, transfer of computer viruses, and identity theft. It is critical to engender trust in the newly blossoming relationship if one expects to be successful marketing on the web.

The true entry point for all of this is to offer something of value – just remember that the prospect has most likely found you by doing a web search. If they have found your content helpful, they will be much more willing to take that next step. This fact remains true even if we are talking about a potential new vendor for your marketing services. Absolutely nothing beats a good first impression!

Linda Credit is a professional Internet Attraction Marketing Coach & Mentor who specializes in helping small businesses build a massive business online easily and quickly. To get the exact training tools and resources Linda uses, visit today!