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June 10, 2011

Top Tips For Effective Backlinking Strategies

Link Building – Why Do I need It?

Hi there as we all know getting and sustaining a worthwhile amount of traffic in your internet marketing business is never easy and can certainly take up some considerable amount of your marketing time, certainly for Sam & I it’s a big chunk of our workload.

One way to improve search engine ranking is through link building. Link building is important and so should be done on a regular basis to facilitate your rise in the search engine page ranks. You can bring (or link to if you like) a reader directly to your website by using appropriate keywords in the anchor text of your article, just always make sure your keywords incorporate what you have already researched that readers in your niche are searching for.

Remember ‘Targeted Traffic’ is Vital

Some website owners have devised methods to get their own back linking from subsidiary websites created by them. They have built other websites and back linked them to the primary website which also has links to those websites.

This is known as a link wheel. The link wheel can be as large as you can make it but do bear in mind its takes time and there needs to be synergy between the various sites – you want & need targeted traffic not as an example weight loss visitors coming to a gourmet recipe site brimming with lots of high calories recipes

It’s All a learning Curve – Don’t Sweat it

When I first started my Internet marketing business, I didn’t fully understand the concept of back linking. I knew about submitting articles to directories which I did but my primary objective was to get known in my niche and to get traffic back to my website. I then had a light bulb moment and realized that by submitting articles I was actually achieving both and improving my search ranking as well – its amazing how dumb you can be sometimes!!

Certainly made me feel a bit stupid but hey we learn by our mistakes don’t we.

The Old Favorite!

Apart from article marketing, there are other ways to get backlinks to your website. One of ways is forum posting. Forum posting helps you get backlinks because by commenting and offering helpful advice many of the visitors who read and devour those posts will over time come and visit your site because you have offered up some useful & worthwhile help with your responses to either them or others on the forum In other words you become a bit of a trusted source, you’ve helped others – get what I mean?

Get on The Forums In Your Niche Now

Forum commenting and posting takes time but is easy and you’ll soon discover that although you may consider yourself a bit of a newbie you’ll soon find there are others out there that are far newer to internet marketing than you.

For you to post on a forum, you would be required to register as a member – its easy There are two ways to benefit from forum posting. The first is using the signature file.

The signature file gives a place to put your link and always appear beneath each post you make. The second way is to put a link in the post itself Now a word of warning here many forums don’t allow that and will ban you – so the golden rule read the regulations for each site you sign up to and adhere to their rules.and stay within the regulations.

A key to successful back linking through forum posting is to contribute helpful information while making a post. That way you are not seen as an opportunist and you become a trusted helpful source.

Become A Regular Blog Commentator

Blog commenting is also a way to gain backlinks from other websites. When you post a comment on a blog that is related to your niche, you can get backlink from there. Comments on blogs are often moderated by the Webmaster, so your comment must be useful to the blog don’t for heavens sake just say “useful info – thanks” that’s just taking the micky, be creative.

Some webmasters contact website administrators directly, asking for a backlinks from them in exchange for a link from their own site. Although this method does work at times it is not always reliable because not every website administrator will maintain their site and therefore your back link

Beware & remember ‘Targeted’ Another way to gain back links is through link exchanges. Through link exchanges, you get your links in other people’s website while you do same for them by placing their links on your own website.

The disadvantage of this is that you may have a lot of links coming from unrelated websites which the search engines don’t really like – so I’d be careful with that.

You can also use Press Releases as a way of building back links. Press releases can offer up the same affect as article submissions when used properly but do bear in mind a press release needs to be timely and news worthy so. The major difference with articles is that press releases need to be in the form of news flashes. When submitted to PR directories, they return a back link to your website and this is even better if the press release is taken by other sites as again you’ll get a back link from them as well.

So there you have it some simple, no cost (apart from your time) methods to get you started on your link building strategies, just try them out and remember its not necessarily about volume its doing it consistently and regularly.

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