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June 13, 2011

How To Use Google Adwords To Get Laser Targeted Traffic

We all know that Traffic is what it’s all about if you want to make money on line. Naturally every site is trying to get as much traffic as possible, but its not just size but also the quality and targeted nature of traffic that’s also vitally important. This is where the ability to ‘market’ your site through the medium of the ‘internet’ comes in, hence the term Internet marketing. Websites must be seen and read, that’s a given. You can spend tons of money and all of your time making the most beautiful, useful and informative site on the web, and without traffic it will get you nowhere.

Each person that visits your site is a potential customer for the products or services that you’re offering, but for many of we internet marketers the primary function is to entice visitors to join our ‘list’ this offers the ability to market to them many times into the future. Some sites fail because they don’t get traffic or don’t get the right kind of traffic; but many sites have risen to the top by focusing on the specific needs of their niches or sub-niches.

The point is not just to get random traffic, but also to get the people who will actually buy from you. Sites work hard to target certain groups for this reason. It’s important to do precision marketing through keyword research to get the right kind of traffic to your site.

It Takes Money To Make Money?

To a degree this is true but as with all things it’s a case of size and in many instances initially spending a little but in a very focused and targeted manner can produce very worthwhile results

One of the greatest areas you can invest in is advertising. The right kind of advertising can get you a massive flow of traffic that you can use. Even if you only get a small percentage of sales from your traffic, more traffic will mean more cash, but also create increased awareness to your site. Bear in mind statistics show most visitors do not buy on first visit; indications are it takes at least 3 or 4 visits to establish the confidence to buy.

For on line advertising you need to be trying Google Adwords. It’s simple, straightforward and undoubtedly works as you can target specific keywords that you believe people within your niche are searching for.

The way it works is that you pay Google according to how many clicks (hence its called pay per click or PPC advertising) you ad receives. So in simple terms, a visitor to Google types in ‘how to stop smoking?’ if they then see your ad for ‘stop smoking course’ and click on it Google charge you for that click Your ads could be right there on the first page, it just depends how competitive your niche and the keywords you have chosen

Pay Per Click Better Known as PPC Advertising

This is a great method for getting your message in front of the right people. It also makes sure that you’re have a good opportunity of getting on the first page of their search. It takes a little money, but it ensures that your potential customers will see you. You target them, and they head to your site to see what you have to offer. Bear in mind by setting a daily budget, once you have received clicks to the value of that budget Google don’t run your ads anymore that day – the advantage is you can’t go over your budget – you know what your costs are and the following day Google reinstate your ads and so it goes on.

You can also cancel or pause a campaign at any time – you’re always in control.

Other search engines have their own similar systems. Sites like Ask Jeeves, AOL Search, Yahoo and Bing also have their own ad systems. They have ads that respond to searches in just the same way.

There are also other sites that will display Google Adwords for you. This all depends on which niche you’ve chosen. The ads will only appear on relevant sites. The amount you pay also determines how often your ad will appear.

How To Laser Target Your Traffic

To make sure that your traffic is laser targeted, you’ll need to monitor your stats. Google Adwords will also do this, giving you feedback on how your strategy is working. By laser targeting, you’ll see the ratio of visitors to buying customers increase dramatically.

The key to laser targeting traffic is to choose the right keywords. You need keywords and keyword phrases that are relevant to your site and that also draw a good number of visitors. You can find free tools that will help you choose keywords. They’ll show you how many searches a certain keyword is getting per month, and this will help you decide.

Google Adwords laser targets your traffic so that it stands to reason more of your visitors are likely to become customers over time. It will make sure that the people who are looking for your specific product or service will find it. The key to getting it all started is to make sure that your Google Adwords use the right keywords that will pull them in. Test, test and test again on small daily budgets.

Although it costs some up front investment, Google Adwords is a great way to profit on line.

A Word of Caution here ………. The long-term profits will pay off in the end, but do tread carefully initially, make sure you set your daily budget pretty low to begin with, test it out, check your stats, do not increase the daily budget until you feel totally comfortable that you understand the way it works – there’s been many before you who have lost a fortune on adwords – so beware and cautious to start.

My top tip – dip your toe in the water with Google Adwords first, then when you’re comfortable with the system, getting the desired results consider spreading your net a bit wider with some of the other search engines.

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