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June 13, 2011

Is Facebook Over for Business?

Has Facebook shot its business bolt? Facebook was always just an IPO play that exploded on the scene with such force that business felt it just had to get on board, but maybe business leaders with their myopic perspective have just been conned by the biggest marketing boondoggle of all time. Sure the marketing carpetbaggers have helped promote the FB scene to unsuspecting business neophytes in the naïve hope of them catching the marketing brass ring, but the FB party as far as business is concerned may just be winding down.

Online Media Daily’s “Around the Net’ tells us that ‘Inside Facebook’ is reporting lower monthly growth rates. It also reports that FB lost 6 million users in May. Perhaps it’s a blip but ‘Business Insider’ comments, “…big drops in the countries where Facebook first became popular can’t be good news… It suggests that there is a saturation point where people begin to burn out on the service.”

Perhaps it’s time to take a sober second look and get back to basics before FB completely takes over your marketing efforts to the detriment of your brand and the dilution of your Web marketing presence.

Jerry Bader
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