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June 24, 2011

7 Secrets to Creating Compelling Content

Let’s face it.

If we’re not creating compelling content, no one is reading it (or listening or watching it as the case may be.)

As business people, that doesn’t mean our content has to be trendy, hip or fast-paced, though in some cases, that may help. The most important thing is that the people we want to target like our content are compelled to act on it.

What is it then, that makes content compelling? And how do we use that knowledge to create compelling content?

Here are seven tips – some of them you may know. But are you using them?

#1 – Know What Your Audience Wants

Here’s where your market research comes in handy. If you haven’t done any, even basic keyword research can help you out here. Your research into your target audience will tell you things like where your audience is, and what they’re looking for, if successful.

#2 – Create Into Your Customer’s Content Vacuum

Once you know where they are and what they want, on some level, creating will appeal to them is as simple as being where they are with the information they most desire.

This doesn’t mean you have to give away all your best solutions. Just solve one problem they have that’s related to your product or service.

#3- Infuse Your Content With Emotion

It’s no secret that humans are social beings. An integral part of social being is connecting – and not much creates that instant feeling of belonging than knowing that someone else feels what you’re feeling. It’s even better when you share a feeling that they have for the same reason.

#4- Make it Cross-Platform

More consumers are connecting through mobile than ever before, and that’s worldwide, not just in the United States. Creating something worth sharing is just the first part. Next, you’ve got to make sure that everyone can access it.

#5- Leverage the Theory of Star Deflection(TM)

Star Deflection(TM) is a completely made up term. It’s shorthand for a technique we developed at my company for deflecting the attention we get in our marketing efforts back out at another chosen entity.

For our purposes here, it’s the act of making your customers, clients, peers, audience, employees or other deserving people the stars of your content instead of the company or publisher. Bloggers are particularly good at this. You’ll see them get an endless stream of attention for their writing and expertise, and then observe them putting the spotlight on a customer they helped, or a peer they believe has a valuable insight.

Why does this work? Attention is scarce these days. Providers of attention are even scarcer. If you can give that to people, the very act can provide more for yourself.

#6- Be an Information Buoy

Why is attention scarce in the first place?

Because we’re drowning in a sea of information. The firehose shoots data at us in ever-increasing speeds. Just sorting out what pieces of raw data qualifies as useful information can be a full time job.

Thus began the rise of the curator as a popular and valuable person. Go beyond curating and provide insight into a special niche of the news. Be the one that others cling to in order to rise above the level of noise in their incoming news stream.

#7- Invent News, Don’t Just Report On It

Where does news come from? Journalists? Bloggers? PR companies? Industry experts?

How do they get the news? Press releases? Eyewitnesses? Twitter?

What’s stopping you from creating the news? I don’t mean just repeating whatever just happened at Google, or even providing intelligent opinion and analysis of that news.

Those are great tactics.

But if you have the option of actually being the original source of a news story, even if you have a small budget, there’s nothing stopping you from actually turning events, knowledge and discoveries you’ve made into news.

If you want to be seen, to be heard, to have customers come to you instead of always paying to hunt them down, creating the content they want to consume is a key part of your marketing strategy. Not only can it save you money gaining new customers, it can help you keep existing customers when they see that you care enough to address their most pressing concerns.

Tinu Abayomi-Paul is a website promotion specialist at Leveraged Promotion. Now that you can create compelling content, she invites you to come and learn how to get it discovered in search and social media at – or you can call her office at 702.508.8468 for a free strategy session.