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June 27, 2011

Google Launches “Adwords Interests” Out of Beta – A SPN Exclusive Article

Google Adwords Interest is certainly an *interesting* concept in respect to getting more relevant eyeballs on your ad. The program essentially allows advertisers to stalk their potential users based not only on their search habits or the site they are currently visiting, but also other information. What other information at this point seems to be unclear. That having been said, my best guess would include other sources of information about internet users gleaned from the other sites we are visiting – Gmail, Buzz info, groups or blogs we read and sites we +1.

From where I’m standing this is a fantastic way to continue to reach the desired audience, even when they aren’t on a site that is relevant to their interests. It’s a way to stay in their face which is good when reaching the right person is the ultimate goal.

There are a few things I’m curious to see play out as the program progresses and more widespread analytics start to stream in. First what will this mean for Click Through Rate and how this will affect overall CPC? Second, will this lead to stronger conversion rates for Display Network campaigns? And finally, how will this affect mobile search? We will have to wait and see on all points.

If this particular way to reach users seems vaguely familiar to you, then you would be correct. This is the advertising model for Facebook PPC. The main difference is the incredible reach that Google has through search partners and the display network as well as more points of information Google has access to thanks to all of its ancillary products.

Google has been working like the little engine that could in trying to get into the social network business with products like +1, Google Buzz and the Facebook-esque Google Friend Connect launched in 2008. They just can’t seem to make it happen like Facebook can. No bother though, Google’s juxtaposition of advertising reach and personal information about users will more than likely win the race.

So now what to expect? Perhaps bedfellows Bing and Facebook will be launching their own version for the MSN Display network.