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wp-bigWordPress is one of the most robust and extremely versatile content management systems around. WordPress could be used to design a basic blog page, or it can be used as the powerful support behind your e-commerce business. What is fantastic about WordPress is that you will be able to easily build both kinds of websites without any help; even if you do not know a single thing when it comes to building a internet site or HTML. Even so, the very best point about WordPress is that it is incredibly search engine optimization friendly. Why is WordPress is among the best web content management platforms for search engine optimization?

1. SEO Friendly Permalinks:
Permalinks are in essence links or URLs to your article. Any time you generate a post or article on WordPress, a URL is instantly created.

Word press lets you create URLs or permalinks that are made up of keywords that search engines love. This allows search engine crawlers to rank you for the keyword of your choice.

2. Search Engine Optimization Friendly Blog Post Titles:
Wordpress can be set up to automatically make the blog post titles a URL. A key word rich title utilized as a permalink to your internet site will make it easier for you to achieve greater rankings in Google and other search engines when people are searching for data or products that you have to offer.

3. The Ability to Create Tags:
Tags are similar to labels. Tags are located at the end of a article on any Word press web site and enable you to utilize keyword phrases to describe your article. At the end of this article you will likely see several words or tags at the end of the post such as “Word press”, “WordPress for beginners”, or “WordPress for SEO”. These tags or key words will let the search engines web spiders to better index your article which in turn will assist visitors who are looking for information like “word press” or WordPress for SEO to find your online site.

4. Gives You The Capability To Cross Link Content:
Word press allows you to effectively link comparable content to one another which helps with search engine optimization. Cross linking is when you create a link from one of your articles to another relevant article on your site. Using this article as an illustration, I could create a link within this article that when clicked on will bring you to another WordPress article which you may find insightful.

The link would be a key word, or keyword phrase such as “learn WordPress”. This is another WordPress tool that will help with your search engine optimization.

5. You Can Ping All New Articles or Posts:

Every time you publish or edit either a posting or a page your Word press web site will alert a number of different web sites that you have updated your website. This is called pinging and it is another very valuable aid that you can use to help your website ranking in the search engines.

6. Easy Set Up of Google Sitemaps:
Google Sitemaps comes with 2 very important advantages for website owners. Not only can it help site visitors see a outline of what they can find on your website, but it helps Google to further index and rank your website by letting Google know which blog pages are the most significant.

7. Ability to Create Categories:
Categories help you to automatically arrange your content on your web site. Think of categories like folders or maybe, a directory. Guests to your website can find any blog post that you have ever published on your web site, or any product that you want to sell easily because WordPress lets you create a category. If you have visited web sites where you can easily select a list of subjects or products based on type, that web site has set up categories. As you’ve probably suspected, search engines love it when website information is well organized and this will also help with the indexing of your blog site on Google, or any of the major search engines. A suggestion for you: Use keywords that your audience is searching for as categories to make it simpler for people to discover you. Having a web site that is SEO friendly is a breeze because of the resources built in to Word press.

If you really want to make it simpler to be discovered on the internet, Word press is a an effective search engine optimization tool that you can not do without.

Taylor Jordan writes for Tools For Social Media, http://www.ToolsForSocialMedia.com and Social Media For Business: http://socialmediaforbusiness.tumblr.com/ Check out more search engine marketing tips.

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  • Great tips. I’ve found WordPress the easiest content management system for SEO by far. I would also add that there are a ton of plug-ins available to make optimizing your site easier – like the All-in-One Webmaster tools or the All-in-one SEO plugin. Both are very useful to have as well.

  • I would like to know if there is a plugin that allows to determine whether links open in the same window (for inter-site linking)or to tell the browser to open a link in another tab (for links that go outside the site)

  • Hi,

    Yes, WordPress has made life much easier for SEOs and web developers. Even I have also heard that a site developed in wordpress reduced the SEO labor up to 30% as compare to a site developed in any other source. Plus, it also offers various free plugins that helps you in identifying and blocking the spam registration based on the users IP addresses.


  • I operated a number of websites for many years. And I taught myself .html, golive and dreamweaver, etc., etc. The first time I went to a WordPress meeting I was like a duck out of water. I decided I had to learn everything I could about WordPress. It has made my life infinitely simpler, more fun and more profitable.

  • I am newbie in wordpress platform and try to learning as much as i can about wordpress to get maximum results for my blog without wasting time and your post is help me a lot and give me some new ideas to improve more my SEO.

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