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July 8, 2011

Nine Blogging Tips for Your Online Internet Marketing Business

With millions of blogs on the internet – and more being added every day! – it can seem like an impossible task to get your online internet business up and running and get your blog noticed. But it is possible to make a niche for yourself, even in a very competitive market space. Here are nine ways to create attention to your blog:

1)Write great content. It sounds simple, but it’s true. If you want people to want to read your stuff, and refer your friends to your site, write content worth reading. Then do it again, and again, and again.

2) Interact with other bloggers. There are many bloggers in your niche, and instead of viewing them as competitors, see them as potential partners. Comment on their blogs via social media sites and so on. Make yourself their supporter, and they’ll be more receptive to helping you out when they can.

3) Add eye-catching images. Lots of people are scanners, and they’ll pop over to your blog to just see what’s happening. Strong images are a great way to grab their attention; long blocks of text are a turn-off for most people.

4) Add audio and video. Adding other media forms is a way to mix things up and keep them interesting. While any one particular visitor might skip an audio, another one might be dying to hear your voice!

5) Keep things relevant. Comment on the latest trends in your industry, or relate top-of-mind news stories to your market. For example, if everyone’s talking about reality TV, can you take a spin on the most popular show for your market? Be the go-to expert.

6) Interview “big names.” While you may not be able to compete with the “celebrities” in your market when it comes to traffic, you can divert some of their traffic your way by interviewing them. This is a great place to bring in audio and video.

7) Do a giveaway. Find something people in your market would really like, and hold a contest or giveaway. (Hint: The more tightly tied the prize is to your market, the more targeted your traffic will be).

8 ) Guest posting means appearing on other blogger’s sites. It allows you to reach a new market, complete with the stamp of approval from someone that this new market already knows, likes, and trusts. For more information on guest blogging – including how to hold your own “blog tour” – visit Nicole Dean’s blog at

9) Interact with readers. Your audience is your bread and butter. When they comment, you should be appreciative AND responsive. Engage them in conversation, either in the comments section of your site, or via email. Never ignore your readers!

Very few bloggers – even those who consider themselves “professionals” – do all these things.

That’s why there will always be room for someone new at the top – someone who’s willing to do the things others aren’t. Someone like you!

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