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8 Powerful Twitter Marketing Tips

twitter-bird-blue-on-whiteAccording to the latest social networking news, Twitter has begun to outpace Facebook. Reportedly, Facebook lost six million users in the last month. Twitter appears to be the new generation in social networking. Twitter is being used worldwide to educate, sell products, and socialize. New research reveals that people who use virtual networking are healthier than those who do not participate.

1. Define the Target Market Precisely, and Stay Focused.

The biggest mistake new Twitter marketers make is that they attempt to reach everyone who might be interested in their product or service. But Twitter doesn’t work that way. In order to maintain subscribers, you have to engage.

For examples, consider how many of the largest corporations use Twitter solely to target their young consumers.

2. Proactively Acquire Followers.

Another big yet common mistake is the expectation that followers will magically arrive. Instead, we must earn our followers. A great way to do this is to follow high-profile individuals and groups in the appropriate market, and then communicate with them, which will draw attention to your account if that communication is engaging enough.

3. Quantity Matters

Do not waste time wrestling with quality versus quantity. An active presence is a key to recognition and to maintaining a large subscriber base. That doesn’t mean you ought to tweet nonsense, but your followers will quickly forget a tweet that falls flat, and that failed tweet still has the cumulative effect of making your presence felt.

4. Share Content from Others.

A good means of consistently delivering interesting tweets is to share tweets from others that you think will engage your base. This has a number of positive effects, including possible recognition from the original poster. A consistent effort in this regard can get you talked about by Twitter users who are influential within the target niche.

5. Leverage Automation.

We don’t have to do all tweeting by hand, and we can use automation to great effect to maintain our presence. For instance, a number of sites provide free Twitter automation based on RSS. Simply choose a relevant, high-profile blog, and then the service auto-tweets each time it publishes a post; you can even filter it based on tags and such.

6. Use Followers like a Focus Group.

Most Twitter users understand that they have to engage their audience, but they find it difficult to so. The truth is it’s not that difficult if you approach your followers as you would a focus group. Twitter followers follow because they’re interested. They also want to exchange ideas. After all, communication is what social networking is all about.

7. Do Not Fear Controversy.

In fact, controversy is so effective that many Twitter marketers go out of their way to create it. You don’t necessarily have to go that far, but if you have a hot topic that is relevant to your niche, you should tweet it, encourage conversation and run with it as far as it will take you. Of course, always be careful not to alienate your base.

8. Be Human.

When operating a business online, people tend to act professional to the point where it becomes impersonal. We don’t want to make this mistake on Twitter because emotional connection is a big part of what makes Twitter so productive.

Be business like, but don’t be afraid to have fun and to engage with your base on a personal level, have fun with your twitter marketing.

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