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A Selection Of Useful Web Scripts You May Want To Consider Installing On A Web Hosting Account

webdevThere is a huge range of web scripts available that serve a variety of purposes. You need to pay for some of the scripts but others you can download free of charge. The following article highlights a few web scripts that may prove useful for utilizing on your webhosting account.

If you’re looking for a content management system for your cpanel web hosting account you may want to consider award-winning Joomla, which can be utilized in website and application building. Joomla is available to download for free. Joomla conveniently offers back-end administrator access and front-end content access. The website and the administrators have different system control levels facilitated by Joomla. Joomla has a large number of extensions, the majority of which are free to download, and Joomla itself is simple for the user to utilize.

If you would like to upload videos to your cpanel web hosting account then you might want to consider PHPmotion to meet your website hosting needs. PHPmotion works with a wide range of video formats, for instance avi, divx and mpg. The videos can be edited or deleted at any time and you can change things such as the video title, description and related tags. You can also make the videos private or public, allow or prevent comments about the videos, as well as allow or prevent video embedding. You can download PHPmotion for free and you can also utilize it for music-sharing and picture-sharing websites.

If you want to do business website hosting through your web hosting account then you should consider BigCommerce. This e-commerce software incorporates a drag-and-drop design function which means you can easily design the look and layout of your online store. Some useful functions include an automated email marketing facility and flexibility in displaying the photos you upload to the site. Other convenient features of the software include coupon and gift certificate creation, promotional banner creation for the various pages of your website, a customizable Returns system and an automated inventory control function.

phpAdManager is a great tool for managing banner ads on your website. This tool offers complete control over the banner ads as well as full statistics for each banner. Both graphic-based and html-based ads are supported.

If you want to use your webhosting account for community chat purposes, you might want to consider Pinguchat. There are a range of front-end features, including who’s online, quick private chats, inbox and outbox, YouTube embedding and file sharing features. Pinguchat has a multitude of back-end features as well, for instance the ability to enable and disable YouTube embedding, set the maximum number of room users, add or delete and edit rooms and the ability to make any user admin or a moderator.

There are a multitude of web scripts that can really enhance your web hosting account so you can get the most out of website hosting. You will find a variety that serve the same/similar functions as well as those that carry out different functions so compare prices (some are free, some need to be bought) and particular features to find the best ones for your needs.

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