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July 25, 2011

How You Can Enhance The Life Time Value Of Your Web Site Customer!

Here’s an article to show you how to increase the value of your website customer. This is critical for long term business.

There’s a saying in business that states that it is actually less complicated to sell to existing clients than it is to new ones. I feel that there ought to be an addendum made to this statement that adds “as long as you’ve made your existing clients happy”, simply because if they’re unhappy with the level of service you have provided them in the past, they’re unlikely to come back for more in the future.

When you sell a web site to a customer, while the initial money injection can be helpful you are still leaving a lot of money on the table when it comes to upsells and add-ons that you can offer. Here are just some methods you could use to boost the lifetime value of your customer.

Put the customer on an email list

I know you’ve heard it a million times before in the past, but you have to put the customer on an e-mail list. In the event you can’t afford a professional service like Aweber or Imnica then setup a PHPList which is an open source mailing list that you simply can install on your own site. As you add clients to the list, begin to email them with valuable information and offers directly related to their web site (ie. SEO services).

Create a ‘getting started’ guide

Write a 10-15 page report on how the person can get started, and include everything from promotion to obtaining new written content. Fill the short report with affiliate links, as an example you could use Jonathan Leger’s 1WayLinks which pays $20 per month commission and lets individual produce one way links to their web site, Or you can promote Scriptlance, which pays you a small commission for each and every person that signs up and posts an outsourcing project and you can find numerous other add-on services that people might find helpful.

Offer to host their site

A lot of full time site flippers operate a reseller account using a company like HostGator and subsequently offer free three months hosting to the buyer after which charge an annual fee to continue hosting the site. In most cases the buyer will host the site themselves but you only need a handful of clients to take up your offer to make a profit.

Give links from a directory network

This is actually a bit more advanced, but if you create 10-20 website directories then you may easily provide the customer a guaranteed listing in the directories for a one time fee. If you maintain the directories exclusive to your customers then you can effortlessly improve the perceived value.

Offer to write additional content

You can easily provide writing services to the customer for example writing a absolutely free report they are able to give away or a absolutely free autoresponder series.

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