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July 27, 2011

What is Social Media and Why Your Company Really Needs to Be Onboard

To utilize social media or ignore it? It is a question that a lot of business owners are considering. Can all those Twitter updates and Facebook “likes” be worth the time and effort? In basic terms, yes! Whether you would like to market your personal blog page or perhaps launch a company Twitter account, it is possible to successfully engage visitors by way of social networks. This guide can help you to understand, what is social media, not to mention why it is an essential marketing tool which can be used to connect with visitors and prospects.

What exactly is social media?

Social Media is Where the Engagement with Your Prospects Happens

From family to friends and colleagues to consumers, one of the ways to use social media is to connect with the individuals and companies who are interacting online. As a social media user, you’ll be ready to build relationships with others that share your interests, whether it is another cafe owner who shares your insistence on selling the best coffee possible or the customer who absolutely cannot survive one additional day minus the product you are marketing.

Social Media is How Entrepreneurs and Small Companies Boost Their Revenue

It’s hard to argue that additional profit streams are more important for website owners and small businesses. A good way to use social media is to boost the reach of your branding. You’re no longer restricted to audiences in your region or area. Social media web sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, can help you spread your brand from Buffalo to Brussels. Social media is how those big companies stay competitive.

Consumers use social networks and sites to check out and discuss product reviews, hunt for solutions, and interact with businesses. Major firms that want to always keep a competitive edge know the importance of using social media networks as an integral of a very focused campaign that will connect with followers. For example, one of the ways to use social media might include a competition for followers to create a jingle or a logo with the goal of generating buzz for your next hot product.

Social Media is How Your Promoters Get Your Company Message Out to the Masses

Do your clients spread the word about your fresh, new iPhone application? Do your patrons stand in line for long hours just to get access into your club? One way to use social media is to make it easy for your biggest fans to share their enthusiasm with other consumers.

Social Media is Not Just the Wave of the Future. It’s Our Current Marketing Reality

It is exactly how forward thinking individuals and online businesses are choosing to collect and easily share information. Using social media to market to consumers is not just a trend for the young: statistics show that more than one-quarter of women and men over 50 years old are using social networking sites, according to a 2010 AARP report. So even if you think social media will fade away like the Pet Rock of the ’70’s, you still need to have a presence because social media is is exactly where your customers are right now.

What are you procrastinating for?

Now that you know the answer to the question “What is social media?” the time is now for your business to get on board. You are leaving potential customers on the table by not taking advantage of this free and engaging form of marketing.

Dianne Shaddock is a small business owner and self proclaimed “HR nerd” who has used social media tutorials to successfully engage website visitors and prospective customers. Learn how at