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August 3, 2011

Make Designs on a Better Company Web Site

If your company’s Web site just isn’t cutting it these days, there are ways to improve its look, in turn, hopefully driving more business your way.

Business owners need to remember that their Web site is oftentimes the initial impression that potential customers acquire of the company.

In the event your company site is outdated, stale as it relates content, or difficult to surf, many visitors will leave after just a few seconds. The resulting impact is that you may have and will continue to lose out on revenue.

Upgrading the Company Site

In order to better position your site to attract more business, keep several factors in mind as you and your I.T. team or others look to improve:

1. Give the site a thorough review from top to bottom. Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion or take constructive criticism from others regarding the site. Remember, you and your employees are a team, so make this a group project;
2. Is your site positioned to take advantage of search engine rankings? The easier it is for customers and those interested in your products and services to find you, the better it is.
3. Is the site easy to navigate, with no broken links? Nothing turns off a visitor more than a site that is hard to maneuver on and doesn’t provide them with the details they came for in the first place;
4. Listen to your customers. If they’re providing feedback, take it in stride and see where you can accommodate them. Your customers are your most important item (along with your employees), so don’t turn a blind eye to them.
5. Lastly, in order to stand out from the competition, remember that your site’s appearance needs to be professional from start to finish. If it means spending some more money to upgrade the site, do it.

In the event your site does need some upgrading, it is actually not as costly as you may think. By upgrading your company’s site, you can add to your revenue and put together a steady customer base in a relatively quick manner.

When all is said and done, your site should be the envy of competitors, allowing you to stand out in your respective industry.

If you’re reluctant to upgrade your site, just think about what message that is sending to your customers in this technologically-driven world that we live in.

Perhaps they are not that important to you? Perhaps you’re not a visionary and you’re too reluctant to change with the times? Perhaps you’re not willing to invest the time and money into being a premier player in your industry?

If you can say that any of the above mentioned may describe your business, perhaps you won’t have to worry about being in business too much longer….

Dave Thomas is an expert writer on items like business security systems and is based in San Diego, California. He writes extensively for an online resource that provides expert advice on surveillance systems purchasing decisions for small business owners and entrepreneurs at Resource Nation.