Ten Things to Avoid When Running a SEO Campaign

SEO-TipsThere are plenty of SEO companies and consultants on the Internet that can help you out and plenty of free forums and guides that will give you the basics. Even if you do decide to use the skills and expertise of an SEO firm, it is still important that you at least know the basics of SEO so that you can also work with the company to make the results even better.

There are loads of things that you need to be doing within an SEO campaign, but there are also some things that you REALLY must avoid and we take a look at some of these below with our top ten things to avoid when running an SEO campaign.

Waiting Too Long – One of the biggest mistakes most people make is waiting too long to even begin an SEO campaign. If you have a website you should be running some kind of SEO, no matter how young the site is because a good campaign can help to get a higher ranking in the early days.

Targeting Competitive Keywords – If you sell houses then the chances of you getting to the top of Google for the keyword “houses” are going to be slim, to say the least. If you are working in an extremely competitive market, then you need to look outside of the box and start looking at easier keywords that you can rank for, because realistically, it is going to take a lot of time, effort and a little bit of luck to top the charts for the most competitive search terms.

Ignoring Long tail Keywords – Many people think that they should always go for the most popular keywords, but these often tend to be the most competitive, so you need to look at the long tail keywords. If you targeted 5 long tail keywords that all attracted 200 searches a month but were less competitive than one that attracted 1000 searches a month, you stand more chance of getting the traffic you want in a much shorter time.

Writing Rubbish Content –
Content is king for Google and the search engine is so advanced and sophisticated these days that it can easily spot duplicate content and also poor quality content. The main aim is to write high quality content that is useful, informative and offers the user a good experience; else you will just be wasting your time and hindering your progress.

Publishing Poor Articles – Content on your own site is very powerful, but you should also look at writing articles and releasing them on some of the more powerful article directories like EzineArticles. If you are going to do this, then make sure you only publish good quality articles, otherwise they will be rejected and once again you will have wasted your time.

Spammy Blog Comments – Although blog commenting can be a good way to get relevant links back to your site, if you go around adding poor and unrelated comments, then this is only going to backfire on you in the long run. If you are going to comment on blogs, then make sure that you post quality comments on quality sites and check out the link follow status and the page rank / authority before you even begin.

Reciprocal Linking –
Swapping links used to be one of the methods used for acquiring links until like most link practices it was abused and Google started to shy away from the weight it carried in rankings. Although it can be a good idea to swap links with local businesses or related businesses, do not waste your time swapping links and also limit the number of outbound links you have on your site.

Bad Link Neighbourhoods – Always avoid linking to or getting links from “bad neighbourhoods” – sites like gambling, adult and other sites that might be considered a little bit risque. If you are found to have loads of links on these types of sites, then you are going to be in trouble, so always make sure you are careful about where links are added to your site.

Ignoring Your Own Website – SEO begins at home in our opinion because if your website is rubbish, any extra traffic you generate will be a waste of time. Add to this the fact that if your meta titles and content are really poor, you are also going to lose out on ranking because two of the biggest factors when it comes to onsite SEO are meta titles and quality content.

Running Out Of Patience – SEO takes time – fact! You cannot expect to start an SEO campaign and get overnight results; it will take weeks, if not months, before you really start to get the results that you deserve if you run a good campaign. SEO should be an ongoing thing, running for as long as you decide to keep your website alive, because SEO is one of those things that goes on forever and is a constant effort.

Ian Spencer works for Clear Web Services, a SEO Web Optimization and Web Design company serving the Forest Of Dean, Gloucestershire and South Wales.

He has worked in the SEO and Internet Marketing world for many years, and working in partnership with another company has launched the new SEO business. http://clearwebservices.com/. For more information, please call 01594 835 857 or emailinfo@clearwebservices.com

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  • A very useful article thank you, especially the points about targeting less competitive keywords.

    The amount of times I get asked by clients why they aren’t ranking well for their main search terms and have to explain how competitive it can be and that they may have to spend some money to get there.

  • People can create an attractive, well-designed website but if they cannot find it on the Internet, it is as good as useless. This is the reason that a company website’s goal is to be on the top of the search engine results. Making a website more accessible through search engines drive more traffic to it and by optimising it for certain keywords, the traffic that it gets can be more targeted.

  • At the end of the day, making great pages is what matters. I think link swapping is only useful if the content on the site swapped is great. There is no point in swapping links of the sake of it. Long tail keywords strategy is useful, but make sure there is an audience for it, or know one will look up your site.

  • This is a great article—definitely sharing it with my fans and followers.

    It’s especially important for businesses to know that writing rubbish content and poor articles isn’t going to get you anywhere. There are a ton of small agencies out there that will use this tactic (along with hundreds of other sketchy methods) to boost SEO.

    If you do decide to hire an agency to take care of SEO, it is very important that you know exactly what they are doing because it can end up hurting the overall campaign in the end.

  • I always have a sense of unease about headings like this one out of fear that I may be missing a piece of the SEO puzzle. So, I’m grateful for this article one for being good and relevant and two because it vindicates my own thoughts on the matter. I will be referencing it to many clients to come. So, cheers!

  • Long tail keywords are always overlooked but they can bring in so much revenue. It is frustrating to try to make people understand that focusing on just a few keywords can be very inefficient and they will lose out on a lot of easy revenue. Google said 50% of the daily searches have never been searched for before. That is a ton of NEW long tail. You MUST have your site optimized to pick up on all of the long tail traffic out there.

    • I couldn’t agree more. The long-tail kws are easier to rank for and with the same SEO effort can yield more than than focusing on just a couple of “tough” keywords.

  • There is no doubt that the internet has forever changed the world in which we live. So it can only be expected that it would change the way we do our while running SEO Campaign…

  • Selecting the right keywords can create a surge in the number of visitors who organically reach your website.

  • I had always tried to be most careful with my headlines, because i believe that headlines are very crucial to internet biz success, you have a great post here, thanks!

  • It is most important to make sure you are doing the right SEO campaign. It is a jungle out there with so called SEO experts and with link building it is even worst. Many people offering 1000’s of links which look quite cheap but the questions is…. are they worth it?

  • Working on SEO for four websites, two of my own and two for clients. Thanks for the great advice to get them all started on the right foot!

  • Running a SEO campaign isn’t a piece of cake. It take time, concentration to run. Your tips are help anyone who start to run a SEO campaign.

  • Sharing learning is an extraordinary demonstration and you did that. Much obliged to you for sharing this data. Quite simple but these are really important ones.

  • Sharing learning is an extraordinary demonstration and you did that. Much obliged to you for sharing this data. Quite simple but these are realy important ones.

  • Sharing learning is an amazing discussion and you did that. Much obliged to you for sharing this data. Quite simple but these are really important ones.

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