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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Sales Copy – A SPN Exclusive Article

copywritingWhen you get a visitor to land on your sales page, what should be the first thing they find? They should find beneficial, helpful content, which is most relevant to the keywords they entered into the search engine.

If they find otherwise; they feel like they have landed on the wrong page, and will not hesitate to click away. The sales copy should first address their needs and wants, as well as appeal to their core emotional values.

These “core emotional values,” are simply their natural appeal towards the product or service they are interested in. Say they are interested in planting a garden (or having one planted) they have entered keywords that will take them to a service page such as; “having a garden planted.” They expect to find sales copy, which targets that service. They expect direct benefit -oriented copy that advises them on the how much and the specific of the services.

Most people “scan copy,” without actually reading the whole page – unless it truly “strikes a chord,” with them.

To get the most from your sales copy; it should be easily scanned for benefits. Strong headlines, that convey obvious benefits are a must. Bullets, and sub-heads that are specific help them to know they are in the right place to “get” what they are looking for.

When they can quickly find the “what is in it for me,” about the subject of their interest, they feel compelled to “keep reading.” When their interest is really peaked – they will take in every word with enthusiasm.

“This is what most writers call the “hook.” It can be a whole short paragraph, or several sentences. Whichever works, it is essential to keep a high level of interest from your visitors.

If their level of interest drops off, it is because the copy starts to “ramble, get off subject, or stop making “good sense.”

What is it in the copy that is the real “selling point?” It is the “whole page” that does the collective work of “selling.”

It always starts with a great headline, a great lead, very quick and specific benefits that “speak to the reader’s interests.”

There is no such thing as a sales page that is “too good.” Every great sales page contains the same basic elements. There are a thousand different ways to make a great point.

Once the copy grabs the visitors interest, they will begin to seek every single benefit that appealed them to the subject in the first place.

When they find them in the order that “hits a nerve,” the copy evokes a positive response.

A great sales page should actually let the reader “sell themselves.: People do not like to get the feeling that they are “being sold.” Hyped-up sales copy that sounds like the average “used car sales man,” is a quick turn-off to buyers.

They want to make a solid connection, get specific information or results. People do not like to feel as though the writer has “wasted their time.”

They actually resent having “lost 30 seconds of their life” by reading poorly thought-out copy. Get their attention, get to the point they are looking for, appeal to their emotions, show them you have what they want or need (instead of “telling them”) and they will sell themselves.

This is a system that needs no “tweaking.” It works. Stick with this kind of sales copy, and watch your bottom-line dollar profits soar.

Do you need a better sales page for your Website?

You be the judge.

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